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  1. Hi there, Lloyds TSB have put £1783.71 back into my account yesterday. I had a Directions Hearing due on 28th June. The value of my claim was for £1535 charges £213.67 interest and £120 court fee. Total value £1868.67 as of 17th Feb 2007. It appears they have paid me back charges and interest up to 18th June, but not paid back the court fee. Can anyone advise me on how to get it paid back please. I have not yet advised the court of settlement, but obviously want to do this ASAP. Any advise would be much appreciated ....Thanks
  2. Hi could anyone help me I've just filled in N1 claim form but I'm confused as to the interest that I'm claiming and what section it comes under on the form. The charges I am claiming are £1535 and the interest @8% APR comes to £213.67. On the N1 form where you have to put the value of the claim do I put £213.67 as overdraft interest or Interest Under s. 69 County courts act 1984. also is it best to put the defendants address as the Registered LloydsTSB address or the branch address where my account is held. Many thanks and good luck to all those claiming their hard earned cash back from those
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