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  1. right got the letter detailing whats changed. basically they have stopped the payment for my daughter and put the reduction in cb back on. but this seems to only of happened because of my review letter as they haven't said that i never told them about her leaving and haven't asked for any over payment to be refunded. can it be that my money was already sorted and i just didn't work things out correctly.
  2. sent letters to the dss the child benefit and local council. i didn't send them recorded but the other depts got their letter.i am on income support i get severe disablement allowance and the mobility component of dla. i get money for my son under 16 and got money for mydaughter over 16 but thought that had ended when she went to uni. i never had problems when i did all this with my older daughter going touni so didn't anticipate any now.the review letter came from the integrity unit saying to fill in a review form. i did this and obviously didn't put my daughter down as she is not here. what
  3. hi guys my daughter went to uni in september. i told the benefits and child benefit people, i also told the council she wasn;t here anymore.i recieved a review letter the otherday and filled it in as ussual honestly. i got a letter on saturday saying due to a change in circumstances my benefit entitlement has changed. this has scared me badly so i looked back at my letters and the last one from the dss was in may and my daughter was on it as i got money in my income support for her but then i checked the totals with my last payment and it appears that i am still getting the same money so belie
  4. hi guys i've searched and searched but can't find a letter for a cap one credit card, i also need one for monument.i did download the letters for normal accounts but don't know if these are ok.i need to send for my statements/charges can anyone help please cheers guys spud
  5. hi guys, i finally sent all my letters off to the woolwich and they have now offered me 235.00 as a gesture of goodwill although i asked for 585.00 what do i do now. they said that when customers start a bank account with them terms and conditions clearly state charges etc so they believe they've done nothing wrong.how many people have taken the woolwich to court and won...all help appreciated cheers spud
  6. if you cancel the card then all payments will stop as they could be fraudulent for all the bank knows
  7. i had this problem with my debit card and no the bank won't stop any payments on it. i had to cancel my card..i told them i lost it it's quicker...and the payments all stopped hope this helps spud:)
  8. hi guys recieved my dpa stuff today, only 3 pages showing all charges applied to my account since feb 2001. i asked for proof going back 8 years even thoiugh you only claim for 6. anyway they've charged me 500 quid all for bounced cheques dd etc and i was wondering what to do next, i have searched the forum but can't actually see anything that tells me what to do now i have the dpa.please help...i know 500quid isn't as much as some peoples claims but for me its a small fortune any help would be great cheers guys spud
  9. hi all great site by the way.o.k. i've written out my dpa letter but cannot find the correct address to send it to anywhere. i've used the search button but get pages and pages of stuff. i'm with the woolwich so if anyone has this address and phone number that'll be great....by the way guys trevor mcdonald is doing a piece on this tonight at 8pm cheers spud
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