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  1. Does anyone have the e-mail address for the Chief Executive for Littlewoods please?
  2. Great result. I am having problems with them so will look for the details of the Chief Executive as you mentioned. Can you assist with the location of the info for the Chief Exec?
  3. I ordered a few dresses from Littlewoods on 14 day FREE home approval. Within that 14 days I sent most of the items back. I then received a statement where instead of charging me less than £10 a month as I had been paying, they took an extra £89 from me. I contacted them asking why they had taken this amount when the items were on FREE 14 day home approval. They admitted fault and refunded me the overpayment. I had to chase the cheque. A few days later I received two envelopes from them. One was the long awaited cheque for £89 and the other was a letter from their arrears department for underpayment of £89! I was fuming. I sent them an e-mail (yes it was polite but firm and to the point) asking them to sort it out. They said they would get back to me within 3 days. That was 2 days ago. Today I had an automated voice message from Littlewoods saying that I was in arrears and needed to do something about it immediately. In my e-mail I told them I would be closing the account and that I would move over to one of their competitors. I then accessed the Kays catalogue company (or whatever it's new name is) and applied for an account and they refused to give me a credit account! Now I know that I have a first class credit rating as a/ I pay and get regular updates from Experian and b/ I have to have a first class credit rating due to the job I do. I therefore feel they have put a black mark against my credit rating too. Any advice I can get is going to be gratefully appreciated.
  4. Your father cannot "be done" for purchasing a car with outstanding finance on it, but the seller can be done for selling it! It could however be that the person selling the car is using the monies from the sale to pay off the finance, which would not yet show on an hpi check because you have only just bought it and the finance wouldn't yet show as having been paid. You do however need to double check the VIN number with the DVLA just to make sure you have got the right VIN number with the right registration no (VRN). Both of these should be shown on your log book.
  5. Hi everyone ! I'm new to this site, and so far find it very daunting! There seems so much to read and look at that I don't know how I'll find the time to read it all! It seems a great site, and I'm sure that once I've had the time, I'll be able to find my way round it a bit easier. I only came across the site by accident, when I googled "royal mail ombudsman". Seems to be some great stuff on here. Look forward to reading all your threads and posting some of my own.
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