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  1. Hi Roie Firstly, which lender have you tried ?
  2. Sqx , Sorry to say the Merry-go-round is something you will have to put up with until they comr up with a valid agreement or the 6 yrs are up Manc1
  3. Banks Have The Gov By The Balls ,shocking To See What Has Happened!!!
  4. 22601, damn difficult to get old defaults wiped off
  5. georgie2404, without sounding rude ,your thread is a bit confusing?. 1 Have you received a true copy of agreement or not 2 Is the agreed payment plan with reliable collections ,if yes then how have simplybe added 10% to it. It would help all if you organised it a bit Manc1
  6. 22601, Being on the voters roll is vital ,so do not understand what your broker is talking about? ,So get on it Manc1
  7. Hence , if the council are chasing me for business rates that were due for the year 2004,would that mean that in Feb 2010 they are passed the 6 yr term and can not get a liability order. I am assuming that the rates for the year become" DUE" at the beginning of each year, so 2004 rates were due in Jan04 and in Feb 2010 it becomes 6 yrs. Am i right in my thinking ? Manc1
  8. Hi All, I was a tenant in a office uptill sept 04 .I left the said premises paid all my final utilities bills etc .Today i received a letter from the local council saying that i owed £4000 in business rates for Jan04 till june 05 relating to the said premises and threatining Bailiffs .My questions are a) Can i send them a SAR b) How far back can they chase debts for?( 6 YRS ? ) Stupid thing is i have thrown away all docs relating to the premises ie final electricity bills ,water rates , Phone bills , all of these would proof that i had left the premises. Any
  9. R B , Reson for the question is that some overdrafts are not covered by the CCA , i suggest you have a look at this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/192486-court-claim-o-draft.html. I will investigate further and see how we can tackle the problem manc1
  10. Good question RB 1968 When was the over draft put on your account,or when did you sign for it Manc1
  11. RB 1968, Whilst i hav not been on the forum for some time i am of the opinion you need to have a red of the thread Getting Them To Reveal Their Vitals. Using CPR 31.14 to Your Advantage. Very informative and will help you in your personal situation where the enemy is not revealing a copy of said agreement Manchester1
  12. Sorry guys i hope i am not going over a old story ?. Due to bad health i have not been on the forum for a while ,so might be a tad behind with the latest events. Manc1
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