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  1. In my experience, the best approach if you want any justice is to avoid going to a British university.
  2. If you Google "Capstone Action Group" you will find plenty of useful information. It's another site that fights together with this one in a common cause but it happens to specialise in Capstone/Acenden.
  3. I have no personal stake in either site - beyond being an occasional reader and contributor - but I do not see why they both cannot co-exist and even promote each other. The CAG site, while in many ways extremely useful, can be difficult to navigate and full of in-jokes, at least for a newcomer. This thread in particular.
  4. If your car is exclusively for work purposes or you have a disability that means you can realistically get to work no other way, you should not have to pay for parking it, or else should have your employer reimburse all charges. Is this the case? If so, I completely support you. Cars are generally a bad thing for the environment but I accept that they are more or less essential for some people. I used to live on a street that was virtually pedestrianised and do not drive but occasionally had problems with tradesmen being unable to park near my flat. I think there is also an issue of where you choose to live. If you decide to live and work in different places that have poor or no public transport between them I don't see why taxpayers who do not drive should subsidise you. As to whether a council should charge staff differently for parking at different sites, it's a tough one, but have you asked for the reasons? Does the council encourage eco-friendly means of getting to work, for example a car pool or bicycle racks?
  5. I have had a similar letter from A&L stating that I have to repay an overdraft on a closed account, and that the bank had rejected my complaint about the excessive fees because of the Supreme Court ruling. I am at a loss what to do.
  6. Same here. When I made my last payment the person at Capstone even asked me what the most convenient date was for my next one and suggested paying off my arrears at £10 a month, without my having to make much of a struggle. It always used to be fixed on the 1st of the month. I ended up congratulating her on her politeness and helpfulness.
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