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  1. hi all this is my agreement cash loan ppp total amount of credit £18,000,00 £3,587,40 £21,587,40 monthly repayments- variably where interset rate charges £173,43 £43,57 £208,00 number of repayments 180 minimum duration 180 apr 8.4% other financial information cash loan ppp loan total charge for credit (assuming no changes in interest rates and all payments made in full when due): £13,217,40 £2,635,20 interest rates (variable-see conditio
  2. hi is this offer allright, to take would like your in put thank you for all your help from this site.
  3. hi pinknico miss-sold for not giving me all the information on the loan and being forcefull
  4. Hi all, First of all I am dyslexic so please bear with me whilst I am writing this.firstplus are upholding my claim for ppi. I am writing this letter as it was sent to me and I would be grateful if you could give me some advice as to wether or not it is an acceptable offer. I have completed a review of the investigation into your complaintregarding the sale of your payment protection policy. The conclusion of my review is that I am upholding your complaint as I am not now satisfied that the details of the insurance were explained to you correctly. I now propose to make the
  5. i see what you mean i apologize for what i said . but some-time's i wish people could see it from my side and what they take for granted i wish i could have.
  6. i didn't come on this site to be made fun of iam dyslexic i just wonted some advice but look like this is not the site to get it from:-x :-x
  7. when i bought the car it was 65000 and it is a 2001 y reg
  8. hi all i bought a car from a main toyota dealer in aug 2005 there was some thing wrong with the car on the 10-11-2006 i went in to see them and gave them a list of what was wrong rackling coming from 5 gear lost of power fuel gauge frount left side tyre dwon to 1.6 mm and spare not fit for the road and wind sceernwiper damaged anyway they fix all of the problems but the 5 gear this went on for some time but they said that they did't know what was wrong and could not find anything wrong with the 5 gear after some more time they replace the 5 gear in aug 2007 just as the warrenty ran out but
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