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  1. Thank you for the reply silver fox I think it should be statute barred now Will update as and when
  2. just an update to this, sorry not done it before but been I'll anyways sent letter off in February , 1 asking them to prove it 2 sending a photo copy of letter from gratten that I had forgotten about stating they would not be Pursuing the alleged debt 3 and also sending them a photo copy of a letter from themselves regarding another matter in which they stated that they would not not pursue the other matter or any other debt they might buy in the future. these letters I forgot about anyway to date not heard nothing back from them so about 4 months have gone by hope everyone is well
  3. once again thanks so much for the replies so should I do as suggested before and sent prove it letter and see what happens thanks again
  4. No I don't own my own home it is rented through social landlord, I am totally reliant on benefits due to being severely disable and have no assets at all Thanks for the replies everyone very much appreciated
  5. Thanks brig and fko I do know there is no CCA for this ,when I cca'd the oc they admitted defeat and wrote saying no more collections activity to be taken Haven't heard anything since until this letter from lowell
  6. Received letter from Lowell saying they bought alleged debt from gratten catalogue in 2010. Also received automated phone call saying if you are skegleg press 1 or if not press 2 of course I didn't press anything and hung up Last payment on this was April 2008 cca'd oc and they couldn't produce it because there wasn't one Now Lowell have sent letter, any ideas please , do I now CCA Lowell's Thanks skegleg
  7. is this the same cca as the one in your other posts from a while back ? also is this the same one where you agreed to pay lowells ?
  8. hope this helps people i have received mine and its ok https://www.accessibleguide.co.uk/guide/order-guide/buynow1.php
  9. hope this helps someone i have received mine and its ok https://www.accessibleguide.co.uk/guide/order-guide/buynow1.php also posted this in disabilty special needs forum
  10. Hi surfer dont know what part of the country you are in but we have had the same here on the east coast, other half rang and they said housing benefit does cover it , although if this is the case only time will tell. I was panic stricken when this came through the door, as it was 7 pages of pure gobledygook, why they couldnt put things in plain speak is beyond me . just wanted to put your mind at ease that is isnt just you this has happened to hope it helps
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