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  1. hi everyone, hope someone can help. I recently part-xed my old car for a new finance agreement with welcome. I now want to VT. I have wrote a letter to my local office and to the sales office explaining this. I have not yet made my 1st monthly payment and I have now cancelled my direct debit. I believe that this should follow- 1. The RAC come out to inspect the car + docs 2. They then arrange collection/delivery of the car 3. I then have to pay the outstanding amount as in the ' Termination: Your rights ' section in the contract. Is this right??? I just want rid of th
  2. Hi there, I am just needing some advice. I have literally bought a car on finance with welcome about 15 days ago and I am wanting to return the car. I have wrote a letter to the local office that I deal with stating that I want to terminate the agreement, (it was an example that I found on here somewhere). I am going to the local office tomorrow with the letter and hopefully will be able to organise to return the car. I just have a couple of questions: I have cancelled the direct debit before the first payment due 1st May, is this ok when VTing? And obviously there is th
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