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  1. Thank you...I am more than prepared to pay the outstanding amount as i am in a position to do so now...But i don't really want to pay more than i should. And i really would like to improve my credit rating again. I must admit...I have been guilty of burying my head in the sand for a while. But with all going on with my nan it was just an extra worry. Again many thanks..
  2. hiya I was aware that i owed money to vodaphone but did not think it was for anywhere near this amount.. I contacted vodaphone when i knew i was struggling to pay my bills but was given no help. At the time (approximately may 2008) i had to give up my job to become the registered carer for my nan who had a fall and was in poor health. I have received no paperwork to show how the total amount is reached. I have now returned to work following my nans death a year ago. And have been getting calls at work from some solicitors..(can't recall name)..who have been telling work colleagues they are looking for me in respect of an outstanding debt...this debt is the only one i have. I have checked with equifax... My credit rating is poor due to the fact i don't and never have had any other credit agreement!!!8)
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping i can get some help here. I received a letter from makenzie hall today regarding a debt to vodaphone...it lists "pursuars" as Lowell portfolio 1 ltd???? They are offering a full and final payment of £218.81 on an outstanding amount of £437.62. My initial reaction was FANTASTIC i can clear my debt and help my credit rating..(i was recently refused an upgrade on my phone due to poor credit)..But will this happen if i pay it??....and will they then leave me alone once i've paid???...or is it a ploy to make me contact them????.... HELP needed....thanks all...
  4. Hi all, here again. Yet another mate in bother, She has taken out a log book loan for £500...repayments at £20 per week for one year... Unfortunately, the car she took it out on has broken beyond reasonable repaor..ie cam belt gone..£1000 to repair.. Where does she stand on scrapping it....but needs log book to scrap...log book in "care" of loan company..# Ideas anyone????? thanks all
  5. Hi both. Great info..Many Thanks I've printed off the information and will pass it on immediately..(she doesn't have access to a computer). I did tell them that this was a company phone and they were tying up the line when i had the pleasure of answering their call...... Thanks again. Tray...
  6. Hi all, You've all been such a great help in the past, i thought i'd enlist your help for a mate at work. We work in a local taxi company. And a debt collection agency (think she said mcleans???) insist on persistently phoning her at work. Myself and my colleagues have all told them she is not there and they have been quite nasty and abusive to us all. The phone lines are used constantly for taxi bookings and they tie up the lines. Are they acting legally??? What can she do??? Look forward to replies. Thanks again
  7. Thank You, As usual....Great advise ....Many thanks...Will get letter off today.. Hopefully calls will stop!!!!
  8. Hi thanks for replies... I haven't a clue what the charges are for.... I've had nothing in writing from capquest....Just the phone calls. At first they wouldn't tell me why they were phoning....it took 3 or 4 calls to get that it was for vodaphone....I did say it wasn't that much. But they insist it is.... I refused to give personal information...ie name DOB etc......They said they couldn't tell me figures without that. But then they did..... I was upset at first.... Now i'm just REALLY angry...I was in alot of debt until 12 months ago....but it is now all under control...until this!!!...
  9. Hi there, I have used this site before and found it a FANTASTIC help...Thanks all. I have a new prob though that has reared its ugly head. 2 years ago i had a mobile phone contract with vodaphone. I cancelled the contract and owed £127...Due to a few spells in hospital i was unable to pay this. I am now being rung on a daily basis by "CAPQUEST"..(2 calls a day), they say i now owe £400 odd pound I told them i couldn't pay this in full and was told "they understood but i would still be called..." When they rang again i repeated this.... And again.... and again..... Today i lost my temper...and said "this is harrassement" I was told they can ring 3 times a day if they like....Is this correct?? What can i do to be rid of them..... Short of screaming!!!!!!! I'm at my wits end...This has been going on for 2 weeks now....
  10. Hi all, Latest update to all this...I sent off a letter complaining about the bailif's behaviour. Til today had no reply..Today another pair turned up....This time threatening to levy on goods in the back garden (kids trampoline and their bikes) I showed them a copy of the letter sent and promptly got told "you have five days and to pay in ful!....HELP!! What now?????
  11. Hi there, The agreement was only reached verbally over the phone with the telephonist at B&S..I was told once years ago that bailiffs are like vampires.........you should never invite them in....A gem of wisdom i've never forgotten. I just hope to get it sorted asap....
  12. Hi, I haven't received a private message. Does it take time? I'm hoping i've done the right things up until now...(have acted on advice read on here in the past) Do i ring "Bristow and Sutor" tomorrow? Or is it best to write to them? No walking possesion has been signed...(incidentally the bailliff today told me he doesn't need a signature). So hope situation can be solved. I want to get this sorted...But can't afford what they ask... I'm thinking of going to local CAB...Is this any good? Advice much appreciated.
  13. Hi all, I've only posted on this site once before. Hope someone can help. I was in hospital on and off last year because i suffered a stroke and got behind on council tax. I'm a single parent andthe debt is for roughly £550. I work full time when i am not on the sick. Bristow and sutor called in january (i did NOT allow entry). I made an agreement o pay a ridiculous £60 a week!!!!!....Which i knew i couldn't afford but they insisted this was the minimum amount. They called again today. My 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend were in. The bailliff insisted it was a court order and could come in. (My daughter refused him entry!!) He then rang my place of work and said to my manager "we are baillifs sitting outside mrs XXX house we need to speak to her" I rang him back and he said he had the right to come into my house and remove property if i didn't co-operate. I explained i was at work and couldn't leave. He said "well neither will we!!!" I finally agreed to ring him later to see what could be done. When i rang back he said it was too late and to ring the office as he was going back there. What now???? HELP!!!!!
  14. Hi all I'm new to this. Found this website after a sticky situation with a door step collection person. I stupidly didn't pay water rates last year..Due to change in financial situation. I had a man turn up on my doorstep asking for money and as i just wanted it solved i started to pay. I was given a Legal And Trade collections card. Then i received a letter from severn trent stating that charges were being added to my account as i had not made arrangements to pay. I rang severn trent water who were concerned as they knew nothing about this company (who i believe now call themselves "I call". Can anyone give advice here? By the way this seems like a great site.
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