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  1. hi i sent a SAR 2 months ago and never heard nothing, so i posted a thread and was advised to call the compliance dept. this i did next day only to be put on hold and transfered to a bank in somerset? the lady that answered did not no what i was talking about obviously, i did not no i was thru to somerset as i thought i was still with compliance dept. when i did finaly work it out she could not help. what should i do next as im getting very frustated. many thanks stephen.
  2. Many thanks will try and call tomorrow. will let you no what happens.
  3. How do im get the telephone number?
  4. Hi sent a s.a.r as advised by yourselves but never heard anything back this must have been 4 weeks ago, infact i forgot untill yesterday, acn anyone give me advice on what to do next. many thanks steve.
  5. I am extremely concerned that the Inland Revenue have advised me that I owe £8603.39. This occured a few years ago when I was with my ex partner, a self-employed thatcher. I was unemployed myself. I firmly believe that they have made a mistake as they consistently did, even when I later started full-time employment and gave them my fixed salary-they still overpayed. I really need to know what action I need to take. Can I ask for proof that they overpayed me? I do not have any paperwork as my ex took it with him and no longer has it. I need dates and how they calculated my claim. Can I offer to give them copies of my ex's accounts to prove that he only earnt a certain ammount? He is willing to assist me in this although we have been separated for 4 yrs. There is strangely no mention of him on the letters which means they are only chasing me for the whole ammount. I am now being threatened with court action and am certainly not in a position to re-pay this enormous ammount of money. Please can you help. Liz
  6. Hi thanks will do let u no what happens.
  7. hi i hope someone can help ive been trying to get some details card number acc number from a gold card acc i held 3 yrs ago, i ran a large bill up on it stupid idiot i am, and then lost my job they whacked me with loads of charges then closed the acc as i could not pay, it went to the debt collectors i now pay one pound per month. I am going to pay more as i got a new job 3 months ago but wanted to claim the charges back, i had a house fire and lost all statments, i rang tsb up and asked them for details so i could make a claim they said they needed card details and acc details, i wrote to them also telling them i had lost these i never even got a reply does anyone no of another idea to hepl me many thanks.
  8. Well i pay to the debt colletors who have no details that i would need to make a claim. im lost i did write to head office who said they needed sort code acc number.
  9. I have found this site as i was searching google for some help regarding an old TSB account, it was a credit card acc that i ran up a 3 thousand pound bill. i dont have the statements as i had a house fire and they where destroyed, i called TSB and wrote to them as i wanted to make a claim for unfair charges they said i needed the acc number and sort code. They no i dont have them this is an old acc maybe 3 yrs old im still paying a very small amount back once a month, please help me as i want to make a claim but dont no how to get my statements off micro film. sorry its a long message.
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