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  1. hi recived a full refund yesterday,thanx for the advice mods can lock or remove.many thanx
  2. hi again some more help if you dont mind. who is responsible for the courrior costs for me returning this bike,as he wants me to send the bike back to him,before he gives me my money back,which means i have to pay all over again.all the best carpman.
  3. thanx for the reply,the chap has emailed me to say he will give me a refund if i can prove it is a 1999 model(which i can as i said i checked with the manufacture)so i dont think i will need legal advice at the minute unless he goes back on his word of course.thanks again
  4. hi i hope this is in the right place,i recently purchased an off road motorbike from a dealer advertising on the web. The bike was described as ready to ride and the year of bike as a 2001 model,so after talking with the shop i arranged a bank transfer and delivery via overnight courrior.Upon recipt of the bike it has many problems not advised in the advert ie; it dosent ride ,has a major fuel leak,worn parts,not having the stuff it was advertised with and the worst one of all is its a 1999 model not 2001 as stated in the advert(which i have a full colour copy saved on my pc) also i have the invoice from the shop that has the engine and frame numbers on which says the bike is a 2001 model,but its clearly not as i checked the numbers with the manufacture my question is do i have a case for court ive tried phoning the solicitors today but being a saturday they are closed,and the seller emailed me saying that he brought it in as a 2001 model so its not his fault and hes not false advertising please help
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