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  1. I have seen the drivel they put on regarding how a consumer can caonlaint if a DCA act not according their "benchmark code of conduit", ti will be laughable if they didnt ruin the life of some people
  2. CSA does not like the CAG forum at all this a quote taken from their statue barred Q&A "Statute Barred Debt… To collect or not to collect, that is the question?! Lets set aside the issue of the proposed reduction to the limitation period for a moment and give a little focus on the actual collection of Statute Barred debt. Thanks to my nemesis, the Consumer Action Group website, there is a lot of misinterpretation of statute barred debt, what can and cant be done and the rights of the consumer and DCA. And to make matters worse the Office of Fair Trading seem to have misinterpreted the law also…" http://www.dbsg-uk.com/media/editor/file/Stat%20barred%20debt.pdf
  3. I echoed the post of really madwoman .. i had council tax arrear which were included into the BR . council tax arrear aredefinately included up to the date of the BR order. what happen is that the council usually close your account write offf the arrear adn start sa new account from the date of your BR order. but th also if you had a liabilyt order befoer your BR order then the whoel year is included into the BR but you will have to argue a lot with the council. but i had to argue a lot with the council before they acted upon it.
  4. Hi welshman i am glad you have contacted them ... regarding you other debt you should have also to declare it under you DRO , even the one who you havent been chased for it as if they start to chase you during your DRO it may cause problem for you and the OR. Dont forget it is part of your duty to be honest with the OR as not doing so can cause you a lot of problem for you. regarding the solicitor they are just putting the pressure on you and expecting you to pay something so I will keep everything in writing for the time being . Dont talk to them on the phone. If it is hard for you then pull the plug off your telephoen or change your number and keep it for yourselfs. if get worst you have a paper trail showing that you have been reasonable and they have not ! they have already received a response from you , that " you are waiting an appointment with the intermediary company and you will get back to them in due time" this is your response. If they dont like it then tough on them ! just keep saying to them that you are taking advise from the CAB and National debtline and then a decision will have been reach you will contact them ASAP. they are just waiting for you to crack don't let them .. just sit thight until you have seen this firm in cardiff. they will help you to sort out everything . you are probably dealing with the in house "solicitor" of the DCA chasing you. If you end up with a CCJ dont worry it will be included in your DRO , dont tell them any more info than you are waiting . the problem is that nowadays OR are very busy and probably overwhelm so be patient it will work out at the end. good luck and feel free to post any question you have or even a moan.lol
  5. Hi welshcate firs tand foremost do not panic. You could tell them that you are taking advise from the CAB, and/or the CCCS or national debtline. i dont know much about DRO but i would have though that the CAB would have been the one doing the DRO. Failing that you could try ( and i think you should do it rather sooner than later) CCCS or national debtline would be able to assist you . In the meantime you could visit this site Commonly Asked Debt Relief Order DRO Questions | UK Debt Relief Order, Debt Relief Orders UK
  6. this is partly true but this depend on when the overpayment accrued and when they ask you to repay it . it has been the case and still is that undiscahrged Br have been paying overpayment until they discharge or taken from ongoing award. see below Unsecured Creditors ( part 40.102C Summary of the treatment of overpayments of state benefits ) to be honest they are a bit a law unto themselves . sometimes you have to complaint a lot throught their channel to voice your concern and even soem do ignore the OR recomendation.. However i must say that CSA payment ,court fines, secure loan, debt arising from fraud are not written off by a bankrutpcy order adn you must continue to pay then during and after your bankruptcy.
  7. or you can have some real fun with them on the phone by pretending that you are napoleon, or keep saying no in different tone of voice or even language , or use your imagination .... here a link for you to read and have a good laugh ... Having fun with Debitas - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums soon they will get the message across . I had the same issue with few reluctant company after my bankrputcy order.
  8. hi dodgy geezer i do not have a problem with you or anyone else in that matter . i just reported one of you post because you have use a word that i deem offensive on another thread toward me . this comment has now been edited by the CAG team at my request and for me this is the end of the matter. One on antoher note i do not use the private messae facility has apparently it is against the rule . my comment was only made to the OP to be careful of sub prime lender ands soemtiem sthey have fee "hidden" in tiny print in their term and condition especially when they consider you as a big risk to the lender . for example look at provident and their extortionate interest .. Eligibility for unsecured loans | Provident Personal Credit Loan example: If you borrow £300, you will pay back £10.50 over 52 weeks, which adds up to £546. Typical 272.2% APR i am just saying to the Op to be aware of it and be carefull to read the tiny print . this is all. I know it can be useful when you have a very poor credit rating and need soem large money in an emergency .. but you have to weigh the benefit and cons before embarking yourself with them. Unfortunately, I had personal dealing with provident and shopacheck before my bankruptcy and trust me they are some of the worst bullys when you fall into difficulties with them. even though i was bankprut they have ingore this to the point when my official receiver was gettign tired of them for failing to follow the rules and they had to take action against them .
  9. well this is a tricky issue too depend when they have ask you to repay the overpayment and have issued with you a final notice . here we go some infos from the technical manual Tax Credits
  10. when calculating the income disposable for an IPA the Insolvency as added Annex A this part regarding what income is taken into account when calculating if you are elligble for an IPA/IPO when your income is made up entirely or part of the following benefit : income support, job seekers allowance, disability living allowances, incapacity benefit, council tax benefit, housing benefit, state retirement benefit, child benefit and all forms of tax credit (child, working and pension).
  11. i think dodgy geezer and toddle you should have read this part of the application process, and thisis what iam referrgin isn saying that the OP application may be refused "We may obtain information about you from credit reference agencies and Group records to check your credit status and identity. The agencies will record our enquiries which may be seen by other companies who make their own credit enquiries. We may use credit scoring. Your application will be assessed using credit reference agency records relating to anyone with whom you have a joint account or similar financial association. If this is a joint application and such a link does not already exist then one may be created now. These links will remain until you file a "notice of disassociation" at the credit reference agencies." then on the bottom it says "By continuing with this application you are agreeing that we may use your information in this way." then you will see this clause from their term o and condtion form step account "1.3.1 We may make periodic searches at credit reference agencies and will provide information to the Group to manage and take decisions about your accounts. This may include information about how you manage your account including your account balance, credit limit and any arrears. We will also provide this information to credit reference agencies who may make this information available to other organisations so that they can take decisions about you, your associates and members of your household. This information may also be used for tracing purposes." then after seeing that you have both an account with Natwest i decided to tried it myself and this question arised " "have you /ever been declared bankrupt ? " so fo courseyou have to answer yes and h i was declined for failing the credit score. .. what i have suggested to the OP is a realistic and viable option that has been the norm in the previous year. this accoutn althouh basic, they have accepted throughotu the years undischarged bankrupt as they do not do a credit record search . thus i suggest this is maybe a safer option for the OP than trying and trying to be turn down ... it is tis true that insovency is on the rise but you should be carefull by suggesting that the Br amy become sympathetic to the case of BR, you will find that in the majority it is far from the truth. Moreover the Op has already an overdraft of 1400 pounds which i suspect that NATWESt wil not let her keep her accoutn .. oh by the way previosu ot my Br i had a joint step account and an advantage gold account which was closed by Natwest when they heard my BR order as paarently " it is nto thier polciy to maintain an accoutn with an undischarged Bankrupt" their word not mine . I suggest that you have a through look on this board http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.html?f=136 and you will find that many BR people have difficulty getting bank account .
  12. toddle i am not having a go at you or anyone else so before you make some sweeping statemtent i suggesty you read carefully the site suggested by didgy geezer before suggesting going any further ... the Op will fidn that being just discahrge it will find extremely difficult even impossible to get a loan .... as the lender will see as an extreme risk. the other things this kind of company usually charge sky high interest numerous charges and fee can be added on top ,which will make a loan very expensive . then after being through bR would you want to become in debt again ?
  13. they are a loan broker so be careful with them if they charge you a fee avoid it .....
  14. the advise is you should never ignore a statutory demand as it does not stop the creditor seeking a bankrutpcy order if no dispute is raised especailly if they know the debtor has any asset such ass house, car, bike etc.....
  15. have a read to the previosu link .. did you request your CCA ? if so did they delivered it ? do you have any charges or unlawful fees added to the debt ?
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