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  1. hi can any body help my wife has a ccj from these the court set it at 50 pounds per mth she has missed one payment and has now been told they are going to take legal action if i catch this up can they still take the legal action thanks for any help please
  2. sorry put this in the wrong place can somebody move it for me please
  3. hi i have made an offer to pay £40 per mnth for an outstanding debt but they will not let me do this until i have i sent and income and expenditure form back do they have have a legal right to this. it is for a county court judgment
  4. i have a letter of them to say they have accepted my offer of 50 pounds per month witch i will be paying i have already paid 50 pounds can they take me to court to make me bankrupt if i dont send the i and e form back they are wanting bank statments to prove what i earn
  5. sorry head in the sand time they have accepted my offer of 50 pounds per month but want a income and expenditure form sending back do i need to do this by law or not i have got a letter of them to say they have accepted my offer. it says on the a seperate letter that i need to send the form back in 7 days i dont want to tell them anything about myself or my wifes earnings in case they ask for more thanks for any help
  6. hi sorry but i do not have the agreement its about 4 years old and yes its on my credit file . i know there is no insurance on it so its just a personal loan i can not get to do a sar until monday
  7. hi it was for a personal loan with welcome and its not a threat they called last night and i was not in so they are coming wed to serve it on me. i have offered a payment of 45 pounds per month and had a email back to say they have put my account on hold it was from a firm called bw legal and its lowells
  8. hi all im about to receive a statutory demand from lowells for a 2000 pound debt from welcome i have sent i email to them offering 45 per month got email back to say that the acount is on hold can i get a set aside on the fact that i am othering to pay it back thank you for any help im in a bit of a panic no im in a big panic
  9. quick update tomorow i am going to pay £710 this will cover all the arrears and this mth payment i have not sent my defence of to court yet . can anybody help to what i should put in it ie arrears paid so no case to answer for or is there a better way of putting it i will take a name of who i pay arrears to and at what time thanks for any help
  10. thanks for the reply's i have had court papers through today im at work tonight so dont have time to post anything at the moment will post some more details in the morning.
  11. just came of the phone to them after paying £215 it brings my arrears down to £515 but they will not drop the court auction and said they are going for a suspended possession . because i get paid weekly it will take me 4 weeks to clear the arrears i did ask her what for 500 pounds were she made it clear the conversion was over she recons that when i clear the arrears they will email the legal team to stop the court action i dont trust them and i still have not had anything from the court.
  12. just had a phone call to say i have a court hearing date of the 2nd of october at 12 pm im worried now need to know if arrears are paid can they stll go ahead with the court hearing
  13. hi i have a secured loan with ge money and i am £ 700 in arrears and have received a letter to tell me they are going to try and reprocess my house i will be paying £200 of it on Thursday can anyone tell me how long it would take for it to reach court and if i pay the said arrears of before it reaches court will they stop it . forgot to add and make the regular payments as well.
  14. yea i was excpecting a cut but this is there base rate what was increased to 13.5% on the 4th oct supose i mite get a cut in 3 mths time.still fed up about it but i know there is nothing i can do except do more flipping overtime lol
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