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  1. Thanks for all your responses. Can I make clear a the chain of events: Cheque paid to Specsavers on 1 November Notification of charges from Certegy Ltd sent to me on 5 December Cheque cleared on 10 December My response to Certegy Ltd sent on 11 December stated I did not feel the charges were fair and asked several questions, to which they did not respond Buchanan Clark & Wells sent demand for the money in January. I sent them a copy of my letter to Certegy Ltd, they did not respond. Also I have realised that a mystery card left in February stating someone would cal
  2. Thanks for your advice. I did write to them (Specsavers) asking why they did not contact me or indeed mention it on the occasions we spoke in between and they completley ignored me. I sent a similar letter to the debt collectors (Buchanan Clark + Wells) which was also ignored and followed with a Final Notice.
  3. I recently purchased some new glasses for which I paid for by cheque. Eyes not being so good, I gave the opticians a cheque from an account I hold which did not have the required funds, i.e. I took along the wrong cheque book in error without realising. This cheque bounced THREE times and was finally honoured the fourth time it was presented. I had no idea the cheque had bounced until I received my bank statement. The cheque was bounced on three occasions before I had the goods (my glasses) in my possesion. They gave me my glasses a few days before the cheque was finally honoured and at n
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