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  1. only the number plate is visible with the car bumper but is not clear image. No car in image at all second photo shows zoomed in image of number plate
  2. Do they have to have picture of my car to prove it was mine as there is only the number plate shown on the picture.
  3. went into congestion zone by mistake and left straightaway by turning back round within 30 seconds. picture on penalty charge notice is of my number plate but no image of my vehicle. do they need an image of my vehicle to prove it was me? I didnt purchse a ticket as i wasnt going into the zone and had no intenchion of doing so, so when i realised i left straightaway. But today have a penalty charge notice of £60 What can i do?
  4. hello I purchased a car in 2002 but never had the registerd documents for it at the sale. the car broke down after about 6 months and was kept at home in the back yard the landlord evicted me and I had no access to the vehicle I was later told it had been seized for no tax as it had expired. I had tried previously to find out about my vehicle but as i didnt have the document or the vin number my back was against the wall. And i had to accept that the car had gone. I have since seen someone driving the vehicle and want to know what I can do as I have never sold the vehicle so how did
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