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  1. Hi all managed to get the dress by speaking to the partners solicitors and setting a meeting to go and collect the dress It is some sort of internal legal wrangle which had stopped either paty from trading, which is such a shame given how good the shop was but, all done and thanks guys for taking time to comment and advise cheers
  2. Hi Let's say we are getting married in 3 weeks. My Fiancee and I have paid in full for and had an initial try on, of the wedding dress and was waiting till this weekend for a final fitting When..... we have just found out that the retailer (a newish company, less than a year old) have had some problems between the business owners. One of the owners is contactable but is saying she can't help as she is no longer involved, not allowed to, the company is trading but is aware of contact issues. The other is completely un-contactable, by phone, email, mobile so far. Our latest visit t
  3. Hi Just a quick one hopefully. My partner has had one of their letters sent to her former address, her parents home, last week. We've sorted some things in the past with the help of all you excellent people, but it's been for debt that she was aware of This appears to be unknown or very old. The only loan or credit my partner has has in the last 3 years has been a wonga loan, but this has been repaid in full, I've checked So, my question at this stage, is do we even contact them. Do we phone and if so, how much info do we give out. Do we write using the 'no knowledge of this
  4. I've just returned from holiday to find a PCN from redbridge for £100, but reduced to £50 if paid within 21 days. Date of Notcie 21/7. I went on holiday 4th Aug, back today, was in the post on my return, not before, but clearly now beyond 21 days and soon to be 28. The PCN is valid, I was parked there when the cctv says I was, so I'm now just trying to work out if I can save £50 or not, but £50 is a lot of cash, so What do I do here?. Call and plead holiday? Is there a prcedence for this sort of thing Can I use the postal system in my favour? Do I kiss goodbye to £100
  5. Good Evening people I've used your advice a year or so ago to great effect, but I could use a piece of advice now for my Missus We've been contacted by Mackenzie Hall in a letter saying its a personal matter and could we contact them as they've been given this address for my partner and if its her they would like to speak. So, the usual crap - by the way this always happens after one of us run a experian online check, we have joint accounts and a mortgage so is that just a co-incidence I wonder.... but I digress, My concern is finding the balance of ignoring or just tackling.
  6. Does the notice of service work both ways. Do CC London need to issue a PCN within 28 days. If so, which statute and if not, which statute also please? I ask because I'm getting some PCN's now that are hevaily late over 6 weeks and when I called I'm being told they have a massive backlog! thanks
  7. ta to all thus far, first of all, I checked the number displayed behind the battery and confirmed it wasn't the IMEI number of the phone I sent! I know this because I still have the receipt for the phone when I bought it and its shown on that!!! Then depsite the phone's screen being smashed and not working I used my technical skills and nokia suite and discovered the muppet hasn't wiped this phone as I DID with the phone I sent and I cna call up the conacts and personal files of whoevers phone this was, so I'm 100% confirmed its a different phone I now have a battle with ebay and pay
  8. Thanks hadn't thought of that angle there, I'll do some checking! I'm going to complain to RM though still our of principle!
  9. thanks for the reply I use special delivery all the time for ebay. This time I sent a mobile phone, wrapped in bubble as usual, however by my own admission this time, it went in a hard backed A4 envelope, rather than a padded envelope Long story short, ebay buyer contacts me to tell me the phone is smashed and unusable, with the envelope itself torn to shreds. He sends me photos and so on and I applied to the Royal mail using their form, giving all the relevant info RM ask for the phone and the packing, which is sent by the buyer RM reply to me saying they are very so
  10. Is there any where on this forum (I can't see anything) where I could get some help directing a complaint at the Royal Mail who won't pay out on a damaged Special Delivery item Any help or pointing would be appreciated thanks
  11. Hi - me too?! I'm probably being dumb, but can any one help us by pointing us to a dummies guide to starting the claim process please
  12. my last bump before I give up. I'll start writing the cheque
  13. Hi, I'm posting a link to one of two threads I have open with them I just need a piece of advice as to whether its worth my while pursuing Cabot now, or based on my facts, whether I should concede for the money involved I would like to tie this up tomorrow, so any advice, even if it is just - 'pay them, its easier ' - would be useful thanks for looking http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/206844-cabot-do-they-owe.html
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