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  1. It is a MacBook, 1.83 GHz, 1GB RAM, 60GB HD I am running OS X 10.4.11
  2. yes it flickers on mains only. I thought as much for the battery, but what about the damage to the casing and the flickering? my battery will still last more than an hour so is not completely dead, I wouldn't expect the flickering to be caused by the battery if it is not completely dead. Applecare is £200 and my laptop was about £700 so for £900 I am expecting I should have these sort of issues fixed.
  3. Hi guys, Just a bit of info first, I bought an apple laptop in September 2006 with the applecare 3 year warranty. I have a couple of problems with it now being, the screen sometimes flickers, the battery is not as good anymore and some of the casing has broken (without dropping it i.e. no visible signs of misuse.) I am intending to send it back due to the screen flicker and was wondering if I am entitled to have the casing fixed and the battery replaced? The 3 year applecare warranty states that damage to casing is not included. What if I claim on the SOGA, you think I would be entitled to it being fixed? Thanks in advance, Joe
  4. I rent a house and was given an emergency number that starts 070500, the call went straight through to an answer phone for a mobile number starting 07971. My phone bill came through and I have been charged for ringing the 070 number. This seems a bit devious to me as it looks like a mobile number, i have never seen an 07 number not for a mobile, also as it goes through to a mobile answering machine it seems unfair to charge me. Any views on this would be appreciated. Joe
  5. Right ok, for the independent engineers report who would I go to? A pc repairs shop? What am I looking for from the engineer's report? A statement saying that the laptop is damaged? or that there was a fault originally? The problems I have with my laptop are that: 1) The battery has pretty much dies so I get less than hour when not plugged in 2) The screen flickers at different levels of lighting sometimes 3) The casing has become damaged I accept that the battery will die eventually and that I will probably not get any help with that but 2 and 3 I would of thought shows faults with the product. I just would like to add that I have not dropped or mistreated my laptop, there is no impact damage at all, but the casing has cracked along the seals. Does fault 3 come under the SOGA act? I assume 1 wouldn't and 2 would.
  6. ok thanks, I assume if the landlord did not do this, he cannot take money from our deposit?
  7. Hi, Am I correct in saying that for a landlord to take money from the deposit he/she must have an inventory from when the tenancy began? If so should they have provided us with a copy at the start of the tenancy? Also what should be in it? Thank You, Joe
  8. Hi, I have had a look at the SOGA and would just like a few things confirmed. If I buy a laptop, and at the time it is fine. After 2 years something goes wrong, am I entitled to repairs replacements if the item was perfectly fine at the time of sale i.e. not inherently faulty. Would I argue that the item was inherently flawed? If so do I have to prove this as it is after the first six months? Cheers, Joe
  9. Hmmm so according to this I am not protected whereas Planner thinks I am. Planner are you sure about this? Is there any chance you could post the relevant legal writing that states this? Thank you all for your replies
  10. Hi, BT have been absolute joke and to cut a long story short I reported them to Otelo who have said they will be dealing with it. My problem is that I am still getting letters from BT threatening they will "instruct a debt collection agency to collect payment on our behalf" Is this classed as harassment as the debt is in dispute yet they still threaten me? If so can someone provide the correct legal writing that I can use to send a letter to tell them to stop bothering me? Thank You, Joe
  11. Ok so does that mean as my contract started on 1st July I am under the new scheme, even though my deposit was paid before 6th April 2007?
  12. Hi, I am one of renting a house. The contract started on 1st July but the deposit was paid before 6th April 2007. Is my deposit still protected under the new scheme?
  13. We had an actual reading in the September but when I rang them they told me the last time the meter was actually read was in January 2007, 6 months before we moved in. I think the previous tenants may have been giving them false readings in the last 6 months. My gripe with British Gas is that we told them we were moving in, that we didn't know how to read the meters, surely anyone with half a brain cell would have sent someone round to read the meter. Is it for me to prove how much electricity I used within that first period or should they be proving it?
  14. Hi, Me and 4 other students got our 1st house together on the 1st July 2007. We were renting from a housing agency but we have a landlord too. We moved in on 3rd July and rang British Gas to set up electricity and gas. The people that rang British Gas explained that we had just moved in and so were setting up a new account. The British Gas operator asked my housemates to supply meter readings but as they had never done this before they didn't know how to. They explained this to British Gas who said they would estimate the reading. 3 Months later we get a bill of about £270 for electricity and £50 for gas. Now although we had the house from July 1st we didn't occupy the house until the start of term, which was in September. The bill therefore was for one months electricity and gas. This figure can't possibly be right and we queried this with British Gas who at first rejected our claims. They then agreed if we sent letters from our parents stating we didn't move in until the September they would reduce the bill. After sending the letters they said this wasn't acceptable and that we still owed the money. My housemate got threatening phone calls from debt collectors saying she would be taken to court unless she paid, so in a panic she did. Is there anyway we could claim back the money for the incorrect bill? Cheers, Joe
  15. Only take very minimal cash. My friend just went to Australia and through converting £450 in the UK he lost $100 through getting the cash here. So use your Nationwide card, you get the exact exchange rate then.
  16. Having just read the sticky I have a question How long can your statutory rights protect you? Say I have a laptop that I bought for £499. I didn't take the extended 2 year warranty so after a year the warranty is gone. Now after 2.5 years the screen stops working. Are you still protected by statutory rights? You would expect a £499 laptop to last longer than 2.5 years. This happened to a friend of mine and was told that as she didn't have the extended warranty they would charge her more than it was worth to fix it. Any advice on this would be appreciative. Thanks, Joe
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