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  1. This ok for a letter... Dear XXX I contacted yourstudenthomes on Friday, 25 July 2008 and spoke to XXX. He informed me there was a £94 charge on my account for having someone open my room at XXX on Sunday, 27 April 2008. I ask that you remove this charge with immediate effect as I was told when I called that there would be no charge for a callout, only for replacement of keys as stated in the yourstudenthomes information pack and I did not need my keys replaced. Had I known there would be a charge I would not have asked for someone to come and let me in as my keys were being delivered on Monday, 28 April 2008. I look forward to a positive reply within 14 days. Sincerely,
  2. I don't remember who I spoke to but I told them on the phone first that I did not need replacement keys and just needed my room opening and they said I would not be charged. I have a witness to this phone conversation. I then rang up and was told about this charge. I got the name of the person I was speaking to and he sort of agreed that the charge was a bit unfair but there was nothing he could do and suggested writing a letter to the manager. They told me I was charged because they sent out a locksmith. I told them he wasn't a locksmith because he had a spare key, but they said he still charged as a locksmith.
  3. LA are yourstudenthomes. The handbook stated that if keys needed replacing then there would be a charge of £80, if at the weekend then extra charge. Mine was at the weekend so thats why its £94 but I didn't need the keys replacing, just letting in.
  4. Hi, My LA are trying to charge me £94 for opening a door. I left my keys back home once and couldn't gain access to my room. I rang the LA and asked if they would open it the next day sometime. I asked if I would be charged as i'd only forgot my keys and did not need a replacement set. They said I wouldn't be charged. 2 days later my keys arrived from back home but now the LA are saying that I have to pay the callout charge of £94. I feel this is unfair and that I shouldn't have to pay. I did not need immediate access to my room and so could of just waited for my keys to arrive if i new I was going to be charged. Where do you think I stand on this? I don't think I should have to pay.
  5. Hi, My landlord has still not returned my deposit and so i'm now thinking of sending a LBA before court action. However i will be leaving the country on 10th August and won't be back til the following June as i'm doing study abroad for a year. If i don't get my deposit back is there anyway i can take them to court without appearing as i will be in another country? cheers Joe
  6. Hi, It's been 3 weeks since my tenancy ended and I haven't seen my deposit. I have rang the LL and he said he doesn't have the deposit, the LA has it. The problem is that the same LA withheld around £250,000 of deposits last year and I can see them playing unfairly again. I thought that the LL was responsible for the deposit, not the LA. If I don't get the money back do I go after the LA or the LL? My deposit was paid before April 6 so no TDS for me
  7. you should receive invoices for any work carried out. I would suggest sending the LBA template letter in the stickies section under 'unfair deposit deductions'
  8. OK Cheers, what is ARLA though? are there any set rules by which deposits should be returned or just guidelines? Thanks Joe
  9. My deposit was paid before the TDS, does the 10 working days still apply? Also I think there will be deductions so what happens next? Thanks, Joe
  10. Hi, My tenancy ended on 1st July, can someone tell me how long I have to wait to receive me deposit? I have seen 6 weeks in some posts and 14 days in others. Thanks in advance Joe
  11. Hi, We have been without hot water for a couple of days and not it looks like it won't be fixed until next week. Can I claim rent back for the period without hot water? I have to go to a friends just for a hot shower so this is causing me inconvenience. Thanks, Joe
  12. Hi, We were never given a copy of the inventory, and now they want to charge us for one, are they allowed to do this or are we entitled to a copy? Thanks, Joe
  13. It is for tax paid on interest from savings.
  14. Hi, I'm aware I can claim back tax paid on my interest but I'm unsure of how to go about it. I earn less than the threshold which is around £5,000 as I'm a student at university. Could someone please explain to me how I go about claiming this back? Also does anyone know how far I can claim back? Thanks in advance, Joe
  15. i would also send a copy of your letter to Otelo (the ombudsman) and make sure BT know you have copied to them i.e. cc your letter. That way Otelo will probably ask BT to step in quickly and sort it, if they don't you will probably be entitled to compensation.
  16. I have to agree with G&M here. Although the legality of the yellow line was/is questionable, parking there is not really a sensible idea as you're more than likely going to get a ticket. If the line is illegal you have every right to appeal. However remember that this is a discussion forum and views and opinions should be respectful.
  17. Hi, I am one of five students that rent a house which our tenancy is ending on 30th June 2008. I want to protect myself against any unfair deductions of deposit so would like people's advice on what to do. I paid my deposit in January 2007 to an agency, which I have a receipt. I don't think I was given a copy of the tenancy agreement that I signed and cannot be sure if I signed an inventory. Before someone says I'm stupid, this was the first time I have ever rented somewhere and didn't know what I do now. Does anyone have any advice of what we should do, we have sent letters off to utilities saying we are moving out and need final bills etc but that is all. I think I should ask the agency for a copy of the tenancy agreement and the inventory if there was one. I am also going to take pictures of the house before I leave but should I be asking for an inspection or anything else before I leave? Thanks in advance, Joe
  18. Hi, I set up an a direct debit with sky for tv phone and broadband. Anyway I was recently clearing out rubbish and old statements when I came across my Sky confirmation letter, on it they have put my account number and sort code in full! Normally information like this is starred out with a couple of numbers for identification. Should sky be sending out letters with my bank account number and sort code on? If this was intercepted surely I could be open to fraud? Any comments/advice welcome. Joe
  19. i don't think anyone is denying that fact that if you go over the speed limit then you are speeding, even if it is 1mph or 60mph. What we are discussing is the difference between speeding and dangerous driving. Drivers are being caught by speed cameras in this country for speeding and not dangerous driving. That is the problem, speeding in itself is not always dangerous, that is why the government have introduced the gradient points system e.g. 2 points for 36mph and 6 points for 60mph. (I'm not 100% sure if this has been introduced but was certainly discussed BBC NEWS | UK | 'Fairer' speeding fines proposed) Although this is an improvement it still only catches speeding and not dangerous driving, which kills a lot more people than speeding.
  20. I don't think anyone has a problem with drivers being prosecuted for breaking the speed limit around schools, residential areas or even town centres. I would of thought most people's gripes would be on the motorway and commuter routes that pedestrians aren't allowed near as well as 3.00 in the morning when clearly there is less chance of hitting someone. The problem is that the speed cameras are generally mounted on the motorways and the commuter routes but not outside schools and residential areas.
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