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  1. Hi, I have a related question, but it also involves the complication of a guarantee against a business loan. I ran a business that got into financial difficulty in 2008, and in effect ceased trading in the summer of that year. The bank claimed - and I cannot remember - signing a personal guarantee against the businesses' borrowing back in 2004; so I did all the requests of the banks with regards agreements, etc and never got anything significant back. There was a guarantee agreement they sent, but this document was unsigned, and no credit agreement was included. So I refused to pay per
  2. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. Please. I'll keep information vague so as to protect myself from any prying eyes - but keep the facts straight. A number of years ago, I had a business which took a loan in 2004 against which I stood as personal guarantor. The company got into difficulties in 2008, and eventually ended getting wound up. The value of the original loan was £30K, and at the time of winding up, approximately one quarter remained outstanding. Barclays began contacting me personally with regards my liability of guarantor in late 2009, so I made a CCA request of them to
  3. Any chance of any feedback on this one? I am being hassled. What a surprise, eh?
  4. Can I just pick up on that last point, please? I have a situation whereby my overdraft with YB at the point in time they closed the account was in excess of £3,000, but the vast majority of this comprised charges over the previous 6-year term. I tried to claim this value back vii the courts and settle the difference, but after the hearing this now looks a non-option. Meanwhile, the YB and it's solicitors are chasing me hard for the entire £3k+ sum. Can I tell them that a good proportion is still contested and discuss the differential with them; if so, on what basis? Thanks in advance of a
  5. Hi, I will write to them for their complaints procedure. However, what do I do in the interim? The deadline for me paying them my arrears is 20th of this month, otherwise the Default Notice issued last month will be registered. However, it took them over 2 months to respond to my SAR, and in addition to that request a letter I wrote to them 6 weeks ago requesting repayment of PPI installments - which now I have a copy thanks to the belated SAR of the application form, I can tell what not a cited option, nor applicable to my circumstances - accounts for some 60% of the balance they sh
  6. Cheers, thanks. So, I'm guessing the fact they took over 60 day to provide the information (now arrived) does not mean that they placed the account into dispute? Now I have the information, I can see that there's a PPI plan in effect, even though this would have been against my wishes and circumstances at the time of application (2000), and indeed now; that there's no 'opt in' situation on the application, or mention of a phone call with 'an advisor' within the SAR that shows a PPI plan being applied. The PPI sums were from my card which was transferred to a loan in 2005 - quite a co
  7. Just bumping this one up to see if anyone can help on this final point. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks for the excellent response - greatly appreciated. So, the above is very clear with regards to CCA requests, but could I cite the above with regards to my SAR; given the CCA should be encompassed as part of the SAR process? Sorry to sound thick, and/or pedantic - just want to be correct on this one. Cheers
  9. Hi, wouldn't the CCA request be wrapped up in the SAR request? Given the SAR request was dated 7th August, I informed them that their response was unacceptable on 23rd August, and wrote to them again 15th September telling them the account was in dispute - well over a month after my SAR request; isn't their default letter on week after the 'dispute' letter wrong, this being dated 22nd October? They have promised me the SAR will be satisfied on 7th October - 2 months after my request
  10. Hi, thanks for the response. Given they haven't responded to my SAR, surely they placed the account into dispute, after which point I'm not obligated to pay them am I? Moreover, they shouldn't issue a default notice with regards to a clearly disputed account? Or am I being daft (highly possible) :-?
  11. I had an Egg Card, which was converted to an Egg Loan some time ago. The bad news is that the loan was taken out about 3 years ago, and thus I've probably signed a new-style, water-tight agreement for that, whereas I probably didn't for my loan. However, I am minded that there was an unwanted PPI plan on my card, and charges too, which will have added to the value of the loan I was encouraged to take out. Accordingly, I believe the top line of the loan value does not represent the true level of my debt to Egg. I sent them a SAR, with my £10 on 7th August, 2008. They responded o
  12. Sorry, should have been more clear. I requested a copy of my credit agreement back in March. I got no response, and thus wrote to Barclaycard at the end of April, telling them that their actions had placed the account into dispute – letters from here, all greatly appreciated. Without response, I wrote again in mid-May, enforcing the position I’d articulated in my April letter. I wrote again towards the end of May, after I’d received an unsigned application form, and unassociated terms. At this point, of course, I was citing all correspondence as account 'in dispute'. I received two lett
  13. Hi, my Barclaycard has been in dispute for 3 months or so after the normal Application Form situation arose. I have told Barclaycard I'm prepared to recommence payments on my card once they subtract from the balance a number of PPI payments, plus charges. I will pay irrespective of the absence of an executed agreement. Anyway, they refused and passed the account onto Mercers; to whom I ahve written 5 times. As they incessently threaten 'doorstep collection' within 3 letters I have included the wording: ' For the purposes of absolute clarity: please note that I am only prepared
  14. I am sending a copy of my passport to MNBA tomorrow as part of an SAR. The signature is tiny; however, better safe than sorry, is it best to blank it with a marker? Or would this only give them another excuse to delay?
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