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  1. Thank you BankFodder for your help in re-opening the thread! Just a small update about this. Thanks to everyone again for your very helpful advice. The reason I never reported back was because a settlement was reached with my now-former employer regarding this matter. I am not allowed to talk about the terms of the settlement, and I was not allowed to mention its very existence for 4 years (hence now I can reveal that, and finally tell my ex-colleagues and friends the truth). But I can say that you helped me in doing this, so thank you genui
  2. Thank you for the helpful replies. I will do the formal grievance then. In the building are about 500 employees. There are six of us in my office.
  3. Hi all, thanks in advance for reading and any advice. I'll try to be as concise as possible. I have an iPhone provided by my work. It states on the iPhone Policy that if you lose the phone or it is stolen, you will have the price of the iPhone taken off the next payslip. The only exception is if you can provide a police certificate that it was stolen, but there is a sub-exception here that states you still have to pay if the theft was facilitated to clear negligence on your part, e.g. leaving it unsupervised in a public place. In November 2015 there was a fire drill at work. I immedi
  4. Thanks everyone for the clarification. Have a wonderful day!
  5. Hello, This is not an individual query about an invoice, just a general question about why the CAG experts' advice on parking charges has done a complete U-turn from what it used to be. A few years ago, the blanket advice was "ignore, ignore, ignore" "do not enter into communication with the PPC", etc. Why are the instructions now the complete opposite? Is it because of POFA or did some PPC manage to win against an "ignoring" person when in the past it was thought this was impossible? Thanks, Tom
  6. Sorry, deleting temporarily as I don't want to be identified. Moderators feel free to delete this post/thread.
  7. I'm going to London next week, unfortunately I have no option but to take the car. I'm aware of the situation regarding PPCs and how the tickets in supermarket car parks are unenforceable, indeed I have received 2 of these invoices in the past and have ignored them with no consequences. I'll be using the parking facilities at the B&B but on the day I check out I will be spending several hours in Central London before travelling home. Obviously it would not be fair to carry on parking at the B&B after having left. Is there anything wrong with finding the nearest Tescos and par
  8. Indeed that's a lie (no surprises there as it came from the police) - any caution or conviction will turn up on either type of CRB check for the rest of your life, no ifs or buts. I don't know where the 6 years figure came from, they plucked that out of thin air. Cautions are spent immediately, i.e. you do not have to declare it (except for jobs exempt from the ROOA). The time period for being spent depends on the sentence btw. Cautions = spent immediately. Fine, probation, other non-custodial sentence etc. = 5 years. Prison sentence (including suspended) of 6 months or less = 7 years. Pr
  9. The word "caution" is difficult because it means several different things. When you are at the nick and the police are reading you your rights "...if you fail to mention anything in evidence which you may later rely on in court..." etc. that's called the caution. As already said, this could result in prosecution and if convicted there will most likely be a fine, and you will have to declare you have a criminal conviction for 5 years after the date of conviction. That is different from a police caution is what they give you if you have committed a minor offence but they don't deem it seri
  10. That's an interesting conclusion, especially the bit where he wasn't assigned blame just because he didn't admit to it! There are accidents every day where the driver at fault refuses to accept blame but still get assigned it by the insurance as a fault claim.
  11. You knew about the obstruction, but you still made the decision to drive out despite being aware of the high risk of damage. If you crash into a stationary object, it is only yourself to blame. Sorry.
  12. (Mods feel free to move this if there is a better place to put it, thanks) I made a Freedom of Information Request to Devon and Cornwall Police (my local force). I thought that your request is treated confidentially? I.e. the information (if the request is successful) is published for all to see, but the identity of the requestor is not revealed. Correct me if I'm wrong. Now I have learnt the local beat officers, who have nothing to do with FOI, are aware of my request. It revealed some information which reflects badly on the force, by the way. But it seems the Freedom of Information
  13. Hi, I was unsure which forum to put this in, please feel free to move it if there is somewhere more appropriate that I haven't spotted... I would like to make a Freedom of Information Act request to a number of police forces in the south-west of England. I would like to know if the fact that I have made a request will enter the Police National Computer, or if the fact that I made a request from the police will come up on any future CRB checks I might have to do. If it's relevant, I do have a criminal record for a single, isolated offence, which is not yet spent. I just don't want the
  14. I also would have insisted on a trial for that one! But there are some "sex" offences, especially computer related, and involving strict liability, where people regularly have no choice but to plead guilty to something they haven't done. A typical example is the very unpleasant charge of possession of indecent images, you know what I mean...where simply having them is an offence and there is very little defence to it. A defence is that you didn't know they were on your computer or on your internet history (you DON'T have to have saved them, you only need to have SEEN them on the screen, e
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