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  1. Found the following info at comet information If your product was bought before 1st October 2009: 0844 854 0949 If your product was bought on or after 1st October 2009: 0844 854 0948 (Opening hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday) or alternatively e-mail extracare@thewarrantygroup.com Tried both numbers totalling over 6 hours waiting for someone to reply, nothing. Tried the email option, no reply. Tried the warranty group contact us number , over an hour waiting and no reply. Does anyone know how to get to someone who will actually answer a phone?
  2. yeah thats the number on the documentation, just a prerecorded message about comet going down.
  3. Does anyone know if comet extended warranties are being honoured? my 82 year old dad has a tv he paid £1000 for plus £300 for a 5 year warranty. tv has developed a fault and the aftercare number is now just a statement of comets closure. I cant find any other info or number to contact. Hate to think my dads gonna be £1300 outta pocket.
  4. Hi all. I really need some help now. After my last post my wife had a complete breakdown . Three weeks later i ended up in hospital with pneumonia and just to add insult to injury lloyds deny ever receiving the documents i sent. As i am only just back among the living i now have to make up for lost time. To recap, my first claim was refused with a standard letter. Going through my SAR i discovered that the bank has no employment details for me, the only financial figures they have are, income ( not listed as benefits obviously ) and outgoings. There is also a sheet stating that i am a carer fo
  5. Ok have sent off relevant docs. Now i'm going to prepare for them dismissing it again. Can someone point me to the relevant templates i need for the next stage please. The docs i have sent show benefit claims from 1995 to present day, The payment of benefits into my account 4 months after the date of the loan ( which is when they stopped issuing benefit books). The banks own records stating i am a carer for my wife and the banks own docs which show NO record of any employment for me. Which should, i hope, make it hard for them to have justified a £5000 loan to someone with no obvious means of
  6. Actually seem to be moving forward. DHSS have said they will send info,but it will take 'some time'. Make of that what you will! After going through the S.A.R. stuff page by page I have found a reference to me being my wife's carer and by going through statements I have found payments from D.H.S.S. actually going into my account at around the same time. Strangely enough the photocopies of the benefit books were not included in the S.A.R. documents. Hopefully this is all the evidence I need. I am going to post copies of the relevant info back to them and see if they will finally cough. If n
  7. Got a no letter yesterday with ombudsman leaflet. Letter said i have to prove i was unemployed at the time. DHSS being very unhelpful, "our records for that far back are archived and unavailable"??? Any suggestions on how i can get proof needed? Of course at the time they took photocopies of benefit books, i wonder what income the approval of the loan was based on if they didnt know i was unemployed yet had no other income? Of course they are sure the correct procedure was followed!!
  8. Another letter today and they are still 'looking into it'.Maybe they didnt look hard enough the first time!
  9. Got a standard looking letter today saying they are 'looking into it' and will notify me of their findings in 5 days. I can guess what that will be!
  10. Many thanks for all of your help with this. This has been ,because of other issues, a long, drawn out and painful process. Without the encouragement of your fine selves I doubt, very much , whether I would have gone through with this. I can only hope the rest of the process runs smoothly. You all have my deepest gratitude, now on to the next step.:grin: By the way please be careful of the people advertising to reclaim for you, my wife was caught by them and we stood to lose 40%+ of any claim because she didn't read the small print. They were far from polite when i cancelled on them.
  11. Don't know why but we are being bombarded with offers from companies who offer to reclaim your P.P.I. Now my wife was gullible enough to sign up to one of these companies who promised to sort it all with one call! Of course what they neglected to mention ( and hid away nicely in the small print) was the fact that they would take 40% of any successful claim plus handling fees etc etc etc. Be very careful when dealing with any of these companies, it could cost you a lot of money. It almost cost me, and believe me, they are'nt so friendly when you are cancelling their 'services'. Consider
  12. Ok have finally received documents but am having a hard time using the calculator details are as follows. amount of credit £5000 @ £116.37 per month ppi (cash price) £1174.85 @ £ 27.35 per month total amount £6174.85 :-? fixed interest rate on total loan of 1.17% per month annual percentage rate 14.9% loan ran for 60 months from 03/06/03 to 03/06/2008 Can anyone help me with calculations please? and what is my next move? Is there a template for the next step?
  13. Still cant find original agreement. As this months payment will be the last one ,i have decided to wait until the beginning of next month to get started. Will post details of agreement if i ever find the thing. I'd like to thank you all for your support and encouragement I realise that this probably isn't as big a deal as i'm making it out to be, but as stated before, my wifes mental illness can be directly affected by even the smallest upset. Hence the worry over nuisance phone calls etc. For myself ,just once, it would be nice to be on the winning side!
  14. I suppose i should try to get a new bank account first, not the easiest thing when you have no real savings and have to pay most things through direct debit. Banks really dont make it easy for the disabled or unemployed. I take it that tsb will close my account when i complain. My wifes condition makes it very difficult for her to accept change, Hence the worry over the banks reaction. Especially the things i have been reading about being bombarded with phone calls. I'm trying to find the original agreement so at least i have a starting point. Sorry if this sounds a bit jumbled, finding it qu
  15. We have a £5,000 pound loan with lloyds tsb which is just about to finish (5 years). My wife is disabled and i am her carer. When we got the loan it was on condition we took out the ppi. As i tried to say at the time, surely the fact that none of us is able to work disqualifies us from a claim on this policy. My questions are, is this worth persuing and is there a time limit for doing so? My wifes mental state makes it difficult for her to understand how much we may have been overcharged and i worry about the banks reaction to a complaint. Like a lot of people, we live pretty much day to day a
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