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  1. Hello All:) Update Rang the court today as have heard nothing since it has been moved to the BIG court multi track Been told that a CMC is to be held next week I am in PANIC MODE Help is needed what do I need to do for that ? didnt know that was comming my way dont have a full week , the court lady said the letter was posted on the 6th Nov hope it comes tomorrow Any advice as to what i can expect Thanks for looking Tonks:)
  2. Hi Kel You seem to be doing just fine lots of good advice re the part 20 c/c have a look on my thread Andy helped me to sort that one , there is no form as such i just put mine on the end of my amended defence wishing you well Tonks:)
  3. Hello Citz B Have just sent a letter to **** , SD no problem with postcode perhaps they have got it sorted now Tonks:)
  4. Ok Andy Im so p**** off with them they think any old time will do well it wont:mad: Will post up tonight or sooner if poss seems we have the same Barrister that we had a the SD trial Thanks for the help Tonks:)
  5. Hello All:) Thanks for that Andy & mkb Just had delivered their defence which is somewhat late should have been in by the 26th Oct shall i still send the letter and keep one for the court Would you like me to post it their defence up , it does mention CAG and the default notice they took off the site Thanks Tonks:)
  6. Hello Andy & All:) How does this sound TONKS @ Home Date 02 November 2009 SCM Solicitors Dept. SO PO Box 499 Second Floor Three City Park The Droveway Hove East Sussex BN3 7AU Lloyds TSB Bank plc-V- Mr Tonks Claim No mmmmmm Dear Sir/Madam I write in response to your letter dated 13th October 2009 which was received here on 21st October 2009 . I will not be accepting your refund Loan Protection Insurance offer as I do not except that I am only entitled to the premiums paid , and will continue to proceed to trial. In response to your letter dated 26th October 2009 received here on the 29th October I do not give any acceptance of any extension for completion of part 3 of the Order as I have proof that you did indeed receive my documents i.e. : Pre Trial Check-list Amended Defence & part 20 Counter Claim on the 9th of October2009 @10:37.not the 19th October 2009 as you have stated in your letter dated 26th October 2009. Yours Faithfully Mr Tonks Will be posting SD tomorrow Tuesday . Thanks for looking Tonks:)
  7. Hi Andy & Shadow Thanks for that , in my C/C part 20 i did refer to the case in question, also in my amended defence . This principle that a mis sold insurance policy is capable of tainting and invalidating the entire agreement is likely to become a very dominant feature in challenges to the Consumer Credit Act agreements. Will drop them a line tonight then Many thanks for your help Oh what should i be doing next only one month left now Thanks Tonks:)
  8. Hello Andy & all:) Do I need to write a letter to say I wont be taking them up on their PPI settlement offer ,and about the agreement to allow them extra days to get their defence in ,they have tried to blame me but on cigar:p Thanks for looking Tonks:)
  9. HI Kel Thing is they needed to have their defence in by the 26th and i only got the letter today DATED the 26th well will have to see what tomorrow brings . Good luck with your SJ next week Tonks:)
  10. Hello Andy & all:) Update Had a letter from the courts yesterday the trial has been moved to another court , phoned court to ask why told because its a Multi Track case. Today had a letter from **** dated 26th Oct "We write further in the above matter and particularly the Order of sept 21st for filing a Reply & Defence to your Amended Defence and counter claim. As you are aware, the Order required you to file and serve your Amended Defence and Counterclaim by 6th Oct , however we did not receive these documents until 19th oct . We therefore request that you confirm your acceptance of the extension of the time for completion of part 3 of the Order till 30th Oct . We believe that this will not affect the timetable of the trial in anyway." Well I sent the docs by Special Delivery and have printed of a copy for the court it gives the time and date and was delivered 10 days before they claim it was I think a letter to say try again you will have to do better than that any excuse to be late again , all good for the bundle , I will be so glad when this is all over and then maybe i can get on with my life;-) not long to wait now. Thanks for looking Tonks:-)
  11. Hello Andy & all:) Hope your well Could please tell me if a case summary is their defence as they had to have the defence in by yesterday, it was on the back end of the pre trail list along with their costs so far. Thanks Tonks:)
  12. Hello Andy & all:) Update I have today received two letters from **** one dated 13th Oct & sent by UK Mail the other dated 20th Oct sent by Royal Mail . Had a letter from the court begining of last week Standard order for failure to file listing Questionnaires. The claimant having failed to file a completed listing questionnaire and paid the fees (£600.00) by the date required. A Proper Officer has ordered that this claim be struck out unless the completed LQ & fees are filed with the court by the claimant by 20th Oct . They filed yesterday Anyway back to the letters of today first one Without Prejudice offer made under part 36 of the CPR offer made 13th Oct . The claimant accepts that the PPI policy COULD have been mis sold and this offer is specifically in settlement of your counter/claim Upon accepting this offer within the time you will become liable for our costs up to the date you serve Notice of Acceptance lots of waffle about them getting a judgement ect then " if you require further clarification of this offer you may no later than 21st Oct request that we provide such clarification".like TODAY:rolleyes: If you accept this offer it will amount to a settlement of the C/C the claimant will however continue with their claim for the remainder of the balance outstanding less the amount of refund mentioned above What it really says is we will pay you a pittance and get you in court. The second letter was their pre trial checklist with a Case Summary would that be their defence Anyway that is where we are Thanks for looking Tonks:)
  13. Hello H&H Is this your only debt , I ask because if not borrowing more money that I assume you will need to pay back ,cant be a good choice , if this goes to court and you should lose then no DJ in the land will expect you to pay more than you can afford , we all know how you feel not confident scared ect its new ground and you need to learn a lot in a very short time . When i first joined Cag I was at my wits end & knew nothing at all I went to CAB they were great but as time went on and i found only by chance Cag, I gained confidence to fight back that was 18 months ago , I have been helped by people who have been in this situation and have come out the other side as you will too , I cant advise you what to do but you have good folks helping you here , dont roll over to **** they are just a load off bandits:p Take your time to think about what you want to do if your not sure of anything please post up we are all here to help . I wish you well Tonks:)
  14. Hi MandM Im with DD on this, at a SJ you need an ACE hand dont give anything away, the other side will only send a Rooky Barrister who will only have had the case details overnight you know your case inside out surpise them and produce it to the DJ . Just my thoughts Good luck Tonks:)
  15. Hello MandM Have just read your Thread sounds like your in for a long haul mine has been going on since Feb this year , it,s not for the faint hearted you will need to study and know the in,s & outs of what if this gets to court you are saying , very time consuming . Have you kept copys of the letters you sent EGG & Drydens with your proposal of repayments offer , they could come in useful later on as the judge will see you have tried to sort somthing out . I will look in again and help if poss Wishing you the best with it Tonks:)
  16. Hi angel_1 You are in very safe hands , I should know with Ciz b Slick & Andy all worth more than their weight in Gold and you know how high the price of gold is:D Good luck Tonks:)
  17. Andy Just printing out the Part 20 bits do i just then put them with the other claim pages and put the whole lot in with AD What figure should i use for the claim Very many thanks have a large glass of something with me Just printing out
  18. Thanks :)Andy Will use my own do i have to send **** a copy or will the courts do that T:)
  19. Hi Andy I have the part 20 claim form half filled out is that what i need to put in the breif details of claim T:)
  20. :!:Hello I am in need of some help with the Part 20 claim form Andy is not around I think he is having a few problems with his PC . So Im in need of some assitance from you all I have to get this to court by 4pm today which means i have to leave here by 2.45pm Many Thanks for looking Tonks:)
  21. Hello DD Sorry your feeling so low , this court stuff is so time consuming I have let it take over my whole life , everything has to revolve around study of CCA D/N W/S Defences ect , like you im exhusted with it all and wish it would all go away . One day soon we will be able to look back and think god how did we cope I remember when i first started on CAG Slick said to me dont go for the court route unless you have plenty of time and realise when it starts that there is no going back do it well or not at all. Your car is a major issue for you now , have you tryed looking on Ebay or in the freespace mags sometimes you can pick up an old banger with afew months MOT for next to nothing, a long shot i know but worth a try if you dont look you wont know. I am unable to help with your case however maybe worth getting in contact with the previous person who was dismissed from Mrs A,s employment just to find out what went wrong there . you may be able to gleen something I have to go washing up now most people have gone to bed (i wish) Take care of yourself Best wishes Tonks:)
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