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  1. Hi digby When did you get the court papers are they from Northampton we need a bit more info to help you Regards Tonks:)
  2. Hello FDPM You have made my day have a large G&T :D:D Enjoy your Win you deserve it Happy Easter Regards Tonks:)
  3. Sups1 Happy days now enjoy your family Have a good easter Best Wishes Tonks:)
  4. Hello lovedept Do you have a judgement from the Vat, where are you with the debt have they issued a claim for the outstanding amount is it on your credit report , do you have any partners in the company ,what do you plan to do as this will not go away the HM Customs will find you , would it not be better to contact them to see if you can make some arrangement to pay off the debt , explaining your situation . If you intend to return to uk you will have to face them sooner or later, I have a business and cant always pay on time and have found them ok if you can give them something and then keep to the arrangement . Regards Tonks:) Tonks
  5. Hello Loveadept When you say you were Bankrupt in 2005 was that before you had a debt with the VAT . We need a bit more info Regards Tonks:)
  6. Hello Otago We will need a bit more info to help you here When was the loan taken out same with the cc have Lloyds Defaulted you terminated the account . Where are you with **** are they asking you to make an arrangement to pay , please dont phone them you need to keep everything in writing and keep copys of what you send to them .Do you have copys of letters that payplan have sent to them . If you can give this info lots of help will be commin your way Tonks:)
  7. Hi vJ You say the loan is from 1995 and they dont have the CCA do you mean Lloyds or your mate It seems a very long loan also the default notice was sent in Oct 09 they will get someone to swear that it was sent 1st class , if they dont retain D/N then surley they wouldnt retain undelivered mail! Seems that they dont want to go to court as they have stated they are willing to accept monthly payments to suit your mate . More like they dont have the CCA and cant proceed to court without it . I have first hand knowlegde of **** and they will duck & dive to suit. Regards Tonks:)
  8. Hi kel standard disclosure **** will pull any trick they did with us at the end of a two day trial produced a document , our QC went mad saying you have not got this on the disclosure list and have had it for two days with you at court , so again i think its down to the DJ on the day if its allowed , you will have to stick up for yourself they will play dirty, and because you are an LIP a very important one:D i might add ,you may get a bit lost with all the jargon they use if in any doubt ask for clarifacation . Seems to me that what should happen or be allowed in court goes by the way just depends on which DJ you get and it seems like you have not been to lucky again Have your list of what you need to get across and stick to it DJ will let them go first , make notes of what they have said and what your reply will be . Will pm you later Cheers Tonks:)
  9. Hi Kel Have you received amended POC today Regards Tonks:)
  10. Hi Kel just to bump you up for a bit of help Tonks:)
  11. Hello divadog Excellant news Im delighted for you and your mum , any win with Lloyds is a big bonus for all us caggers and will give hope to others :) Cit B should soon be along to change your title to WON:D Regards Tonks:)
  12. Hello MM:):):):) What a good Monday you have had Congrats , hope you have a beer in your hand , Im up for the final countdown Wed cant say anymore here but hope to be in the winners enclosure like yourself. VERY WELL DONE XX Tonks:)
  13. Hi Hitchy1 You must remove the claim form from your post , just go into edit at the bottem right hand corner click on it and edit the form out , if you dont **** will be able to check out who you are and will be one step ahead of you all the time I should know!!. Now you are nearly out of time to aknowledge service you can do this online with the password on the form but get a move on any Q,s ask someone will advise . Best wishes Tonks:-)
  14. Hi SB Its so nice to see faces clicking on to see how I am couldnt do much posting as they would know too much I see your case is giving you the runaround stay with it one day soon we will be free of court rooms and maybe free to get on with our lives;) Best wishes Tonks:)
  15. Hi M Im well thanks , not been on site for a while but in court next week two days , things are ok managed to get counsel however **** are being their usual selfs watching my every move . Hope your cases are going ok Best wishes Tonks:)
  16. Hello cymruambyth What rotten luck not the start to 2010 you needed , however the advice is comming in thick and fast, you are not alone lots of folks willing to help and support you. Best Regards Tonks:)
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