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  1. Have just checked the track and trace post office site "This item is being sent to an address that has a re-direction in place and will take an extra day to arrive " Well this has been going on for two years now the postcode I used was BN3 7AU Have sent another letter today special delivery with a differant address & postcode will let you all know what happens to that one . I think it is time to report this as you cannot get your money back from the post office which is £5.45 everytime and your letter does not arrive on time , so folks track & trace then print a copy of the signature which will have the time and date on it . Tonks
  2. Hi Spam You are dealing with **** here and we both know they play dirty , how much time have you got til the SJ , the thing is lots of new things have been happening since we have been away, and what was two years ago is not prehaps the same now , I cant read the t/c to small but the agreement seems to be simalar to mine an application form , what happened with the fos . Hopefully someone will be along to advise you Regards Tonks
  3. Andy All done & dusted Very many thanks again xx Tonks:-)
  4. Hi Andy As always the star Am on the AQ at the moment Regards Tonks:-)
  5. Hi Andy I am not sure how to proceed I think the counterclaim is valid the PPI was missold the charges are unfair they have said I didnt say why the PPI was mis sold and have sent new t/cs pity I didnt have them back in 2004 when i needed them ! got to go later x Tonks
  6. Hello Update for this one , I was asked to send my copy of the Default Notice to **** which I did , then have received a letter asking if I would like to do a Consent Order , also my PPI was not missold !!!! they have sent a Re- Constituted Agreement which we are hoping will provide you with any additional information you may require in respect of the terms and conditions, also enclosed the relevent revised terms and conditions which took place whilst your card was still open . Regarding unfair charges which have been applied to your credit card , they are part of the terms and conditions you signed when applying for the account . Enclosed OFT postion on unfair charges as at April 2006 .They are however going to refund the differance a grand total of £60.10 @ 8% Duty to serve notice of sum in arrears . This came into force on Oct st 2008, so does not apply . I have received the AQ Any thoughts welcome Tonks
  7. Job done Thanks to all xx Tonks:-D
  8. t/c should be here http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn99/sexeysarms/doctc2llyds.jpg
  9. Lloyds do not keep copies of DN I will post up second page which you will see talks about section 5 I however can not see a section 5 it is a cut & paste job I did tick the box Please bear with me while i try to put link in Regards Tonks:-)
  10. Hi cym No I cant remember how to post links ect , bit rusty will have to get myself together again lol I have to get my defence together for posting Thursday so really need someone to check the CCA out . Regards Tonks:-)
  11. OMG soz guys , I am having a funny five mins re above post , could someone please check this CCA out for me Thanks for looking Tonks:-)
  12. http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn99/sexeysarms/take2lltsbcc.jpg http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn99/sexeysarms/take2lltsbcc.jpg
  13. Andy There was a big deley with getting the docs back to me from the solicitors which caused the extra time lapse it was agreeded that I had extra time in which to file my defence re CPR 15.5 the court have been informed . Credit applied from flyer via post Yes Arrears ie DN because of charges and missold PPI the amount will be incorrect Fast Track/ Ten grand ish Possibly when it has been looked over will post up tonite as im working Regards Tonks:-)
  14. Andy I have a letter confirming 21st May as due date from Solicitors so 20th is latest ok POC: credit card taken out in 2004 In breach of the agreement the defendant failed to make payments , claimants sent default notice then formal demand to defendant Claimants therefore claim the balance due under the agreement £****.** History : I had an payment plan in place with them since 2009 token payments BUT unfortunatly Over the christmas busy time for us here I forgot all about them so missed three payments then bang claim issued so here we are ! Dispute : The credit agreement that has been sent is not headed in the right way it is a application form with seperate terms and conditions on a seperate sheet with lots of bits missing , now I know that lots of things have changed recently so would be good to have someone look it over Arrears :by that do you mean charges ect not sure what u mean on the default notice ? In their poc they do not mention the token agreed payments PPI : I will be going for compand interest to redress the balance Charges : again compand interest Add them both together and it wipes out 2/3rds of the claimed debt Hope this is of some use to you Many thanks Tonks:-)
  15. Hi Andy I am ok thanks , have done the charges and PPI so just need to do the defence many thanks for your advice due date 21st May I think because that is a Sat I have until Monday would that be correct ? I have an extenstion of 21 days from my CPR15.5 Claim was Issued 1st Feb done the CPR31.14 and 31.15 ect do really need someone to look at the documents sent I hope you are well and fighting fit Very best Regards Tonks:-)
  16. Morning all Anyone able to offer assistance Tonks
  17. Hi Im back again , this time for a credit card taken out in 2004 have got to the defence stage which has to be in by the weekend. There are lots of late payment charges and overlimet charges, plus PPI which was missold , I would like to know if I can put in a part 20 counter claim which will reduce the debt considerably If so how do I go about doing that Any advice much appreciated Tonks
  18. Hi Cym What a result very well done, if you know your stuff and have the relevent documents with you just in case the DJ dosent have copies ect it shows you are prepared for a fight . Very pleased for you it does pay to NEVER GIVE UP Regards Tonks x
  19. Hi Shel Hang in there im sure Andy will be about soon enough Regards Tonks
  20. Hi Joan I followed your case last year with Lloyds so feel I know a bit about you;) , just hit your name and all your details will just pop up . Best of luck with Link Tonks:)
  21. Hello Im sorry things didnt go well today for you , im still hoping the site team will be able to give more advice for you, remember that no judge will make you pay more than you can afford , you must do and income and expend sheet to submit to the courts when you get the judgement through from the courts. Have you been to the CAB they should be able to help you with your family and perhaps help you to get some extra benefits. I wish I could help but dont have the knowledge you need, I do however wish you well and things will work out for you Tonks:)
  22. Ok It would appear from what i can make out that this chap is taking both you and Abbey to court at the same time so it would be in your interest to attend court tomorrow to put your side across to the judge so he can see that it was a mistake on the banks side seems a big mess, pity you didnt ask for help before but if it where me I would go to court tomorrow they will not do anything to you or your family and it can be sorted so you can get on with caring for your family . I wish you the best of luck stay calm it will be alright Regards Tonks:)
  23. Ok What has Abbey to say they must be involved somewhere if this chap didnt realise the mistake he should have taken it up with them not you , is it Abbey who have taken you to court or this chap? Are you saying that you are not able to go to court tomorrow if so judgement will go against you and you will get a CCJ . Its very late and not too many caggers around to help I dont have the knowledge you need but will do what I can and support you ,with luck someone will come along press the red triangle at the bottem left hand corner for site team help Regards Tonks:)
  24. Hi saviour Can we have some more info please Who is the chap taking you to court What was the money for paid into your account Have you put in a defence We need to know more before anyone can advise please stay calm you are not a loser just need some help for you and your family. Tonks:)
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