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  1. hi all have recived a reply from MBNA 24 hours after sending off by speical delivery three CCA requsts !!!!!!!!! Letter reads ; Your account is continuing to fall further into arrears. we need you to take ownership and call us to discuss this matter, and help you to repay the money you have spent. for your peace of mind and to fulfil your duty of repaying the money that you have already spent, we trust you will call us today on xxxxxxxxx we can look to help you by reducing your monthly payment or potentially by suppressing or REFUNDING SOME of the fees that YOU have incurred. In the meantime you need to maintain your acc and make a payment of ££££££££ no later than 17 th april this is your final chance to co-operate before we insist that you disclose your personal assets and income.; has anyone else had this letter and what do i do now HELP PLEASE
  2. Hi all another update have had six letters today from seven of the CCA requsts sent . MBNA have said they have a great offer for me ! before the debt is passed to our DEO and then sold on to external agents, we understand you are having financial difficultes and are able to offer you reduced payments down to £xxx . IF YOU CALL THIS NUMBER so we can look at stopping your fees and interest and putting you on a reduced payment plan. if you are unable to do the above then a Default has anyone else had this letter and what do i do next please cheers m1
  3. hi update 08 04 08 have today sent of seven CCA,s three for MBNA 1 loan 2 credit cards sent them special delivery with the 7 P/O cost me over £40.00 have keep all the recipts many thanks to all who are helping me. cheers M1
  4. thanks for that its as i thought will sort it out going to bed now cheers M1
  5. ok many thanks , i have a loan with them and maybe four credit cards , will the SAR cover all of them , or do i need one for each cheers M1
  6. cheers can i send both together job lot or will that confuse them M1
  7. hi and thanks for the info thought it was but needed to be 100% sure cheers M1
  8. HI am sending cca letter N from templates to Customer Assistance Dept Business Lending MBNA Europe Bank Ltd Chester Business Park Wrexham Road CH4 9FB (1) Is this the right address (2) Is a CCA correct or is it a SAR i need . any advice please . cheers Px
  9. hi have too change my name could someone please help cheers Px
  10. thanks diskmandave. if i use a SAR FOR A BUSINESS ACCOUNT from the templates will it be ok ? i realise that the other accounts cards ect are ok but dont want to get this wrong, have had three business accounts three differant business;s, should i start with the latest account first ?im confused as to cca & sar soz to be so dumb. cheers Px
  11. hi many thanks have looked at what u have suggested but just need to be sure before sending anything , your prompt reply has given me new hope of another day!!!!!!! cheers Px
  12. hi all , am having a bit of trouble finding my way around have read and reread the site ,if im in the wrong place please someone advise dont want to get off on the wrong foot with you all. NEED SERIOUS HELP asap. Lloyds LLOYDS BUSINESS MBNA BARCLAYS CAP ONE NAT WEST TESCO the list is endless cheers Px
  13. thanks honey im really in need of some advice on loans cards and bank charges Px
  14. hello all im sexeys arms or P if you like still trying to find my way around the site . looking for lots of help ,sure hope there is some left out there .
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