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  1. Hi Andy HNY Hope you are well , I have just called the Court they say Lloyds have been sent N245 but not responded and for me to bring it up with the DJ next week which of course I shall its in my defence anyway so hopfully DJ will read that before I get in the room Also called FOS and they will be working on the case next week so again all in the waiting game . I am going to study over the weekend other CO cases , just hope I dont get the same DJ or it will be game over for me ! Thanks for your time Tonks
  2. Update ; Having been to court for the SJ and lost miserably , went on a Friday afternoon back in Oct the DJ was not listening to me and was just hell bent on getting home , he thought that my claim for the mis-sold PPI was ok because I could have canceled it within the 30 days so promptly awarded judgement to claimant forthwith . That was on the 7th I received the Order on the 14th then applied a N245 for Variation of Order to monthly Instalments , I filled in the I/E sheet on the N245 and also sent copies of my business accounts with an offer of £100.00 per month on the 18th I hand delivered it to the Court and paid the fee . I heard nothing then called the Court to see what was happening they said it had been sent to Lloyds on the 30th Oct and that they then had three weeks to reply , well as usual heard nothing from them so I sent a cheque for Nov payment on the 28th , next thing I know they send an ICO which was granted on the 15th Nov and guess what it was the same DJ who awarded judgement!! In the meantime I have sent the whole PPI counterclaim off to the Ombudsman I now have a referance No and will call them tomorow, in my Defence to the CO I have stated that if my claim is upheld I shall apply for a set aside of the CCJ . I have made three payments for £100.00 each of which I can not really afford . The total of mis-sold PPI which should be paid back is in excess of £6k the total debt was roughly £10k with costs added . My main moan is why pay a fee for a Variation Order if no one bothers to look at it , the DJ should have been aware that it had been applied for before agreeing to the ICO , and of course Lloyds never bother to reply to anything so I now have to go back to Court next week to fight this one off hope I dont get the same DJ ! Any advice or pointer in the right direction much appreciated Thanks for looking Tonks
  3. Evening Update : Got the cheque today sent it to the bank only to find it is made out to Mrs Tonka ONLY , now I have only one account which is a business account and because its in both mine and Mr Tonkas name the bank will not except the cheque, I tried to ring the bank from which the cheque was issued but you have to enter a card number , so it looks as if I will have to send it back and ask for it to be paid into the account think I will get Mr Tonka to give his consent to pay it into our joint account . To say im *issed off is an understatement Tonks
  4. Thanks ims That is what I have done so im not going round the bend ! You are a wizz thanks for your time Tonks
  5. Hi ims the agreement is in post 1 Thanks x
  6. Hi I am really having difficulty getting my head round the soc sheet , have entered all payments and i cant see where the interest on the payments made come in ,got the 8% value but what about the other interest paid . I must be dumb or somthing anyone care to help xx Tonks
  7. ims : no have paid nothing since greg: they cant say that as i signed first then sent it back for them they signed four days later , the box needed a signature and it is blank. Thanks for looking Tonks
  8. Hi ims Thanks for that , when the loan got sold on R/W have written ever other week for the last two years and still call weekly but im never in ! I shall read up and get the claim off , I have also got a CC with them so will do both Many thanks for your valuble advice Tonks
  9. Hi I have a Capital One Loan with PPI added I did not tick the box for it but it was added as you will see from the CCA upload , I am selfemployed Publican and the PPI would have been useless to me . I do not understand how to claim back on a loan, if it was front loaded or paid monthly . I paid in total 24 payments until the business got into trouble back in 2008, this loan was sold on in 2009 . Start date 1st payment 22/12/2005 last payment 22/12/2007 06-01-2012 00;00;39.RTF Thanks for looking Tonks
  10. Update Had letter today complaint upheld I sent the soc and letter R/D on the 14th Dec how quick was that , my advice to all get on with it Im so pleased as I have a Vat Payment to pay , they say cheque will be sent in next 28 days . Many thanks to ims who showed me the way Tonks
  11. Hi marty You do need to attend court on the 23rd , this is for the summary judgment hearing , you will need to take all your files on the case with you, and be prepared to put your case forward to the DJ , you will be asked to give your side using your WS and defence It will be in a small room with just yourself and SCM solicitor and the DJ . Dress smart and be on time . Good Luck x Tonks
  12. Quick update Have received my ref number from FOS , they are on the case ! Tonks
  13. Hello Guys Wow what a response thanks to everyone for their input , I have downloaded the complaint form and will fill it in tomorrow , do I just send it to fos or send a copy to Lloyds or both ? Now Lloyds have decided to go for a ICO in Jan next year , this has made me determined to fight just wish I had enough money to demand a appeal problem would be what if I came up against the same DJ ! Thanking you all and big thanks to ims for taking the time and effort to call the fos x Tonks
  14. Hi ims many thanks for your patience , i have got so stressed out doing this but have gained so much anyway hope this works Cheers but i think its upside down OMG Tonks 03-12-2011 01;37;23.PDF
  15. Hi ims Ok so what is paint , and where do i get it ? Dumb Tonks
  16. Hello I am going to claim back my PPI on several cards this one is a business card could someone please help with what can be claimed , I dont understand all the differant account charges . The card was taken out in Jan 05 , the account was sold on in Jan 09 the OC has no CCA . 02-12-2011 23;21;15.pdf Any advice much appreciated Thanks Tonks
  17. Hello Well i think i might have done it this time fingers crossed some more cals Thanks for looking Tonks (stressed) 02-12-2011 13;22;47.pdf 02-12-2011 14;26;25.pdf 02-12-2011 14;26;25.RTF
  18. Hi lets try this one first
  19. Hi dx I will post up as you say may take a while im not to good on the scanner thing Thanks Tonks
  20. Hi ims This is from the Order : Summary Judgment awarded against the defendant The defendantis ordered to pay claimants cost The defendants counter claim is dismissed Permission to the defendant to appeal on the grounds that in her case she was mis sold PPI by the claimant is refused on the basis that the court is not satisfied that she has a real prospect of success . I am not a Novice at the court thing and could not believe the DJ would not listen to the counter claim I am A selfemployed Landlady of a village PuB and signed an application flyer which was sent via post It just stated get PPi to cover you if you can not pay ect no t/cs it was a pre approved flyer . Well the claimant states that the PPI would pay out BUT I would have to have been Insolvent and have Informed the IR ,that would mean to me no home no job , like if I knew this I would have signed up ! Now this card ran from 2004 up to 2008 , by my calulation the ppi & charges would wipe out 3/4 of the debt Hope this helps Thanks Tonks
  21. Good evening Im after some advice please , I have recently recived a CCJ on a credit card , I did put in a Counterclaim for the PPI & charges which the DJ thought I had no way of claiming back as I should have cancelled it within the 30 days !! My question is can I go down the FOS route now or just put up and shut up . Tonks
  22. Marty **** have applied to have the stay lifted , the DJ will have to decide on the grounds of why the stay was put forward and if they **** have played fair with CPR ect , if the DJ thinks it proper to lift it will mean that you will have to do a witness statement and go to court to fight your corner , Andy will be able to advise if there is anything you can do in the mean time. I have been watching your thread and wish you luck x
  23. Good evening Update for this one After sending a letter to try to settle with a full and final , to which I have had no response . Have a date now for a Allocation Hearing in September Have received from **** their Witness Statement in which they say I have no real prospect of successfully defending the claim and are seeking Summary Judgment by virtue of CPR 24 They maintain that the PPI was not mis sold and the charges are fair . Thanks for lookin Tonks:-)
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