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  1. Thanks dx Yes the roll over was taken into account with interest . Thanks for clearing up the statue barring situation you learn something new every day Tonks
  2. I have just received a reply to my on line request for a refund of premiums paid on a loan taken out in December 2007. The loan was a top up from a previous loan , In 2008 I suffered a very big downturn in my business and was unable to pay the loan , it is now statue barred . In the letter today it says the account is still active ! They have sent a cheque today for a part payment and have offset the rest to the debt , can they do this with a statue barred debt ? Thanks for looking Tonks
  3. Thanks ims I shall write and ask as Slick suggested , I do have all the statements but dont think I could work it out bit over my head !! Many thanks Tonks:-)
  4. Hi ims Have put in an average of 24.9% which brings the total amount within a few pounds of the refund which has been awarded . As the fos sheet does not do the simple 8% interest how do I work that out please . Tonks
  5. Hi ims Thanks for looking in , I have all the statements , have changed the date to August 08, what APR do I use please Tonks:-)
  6. Hello Slick , I have just entered all the PPI paid from 2004 - 2008 into FosCI sheet v 101 am not sure what % Apr to enter The amount paid with no Interest is £1613.42 Am on I on the right sheet ? I will not now be going for the setaside if Andy says it no good then thats good enough for me ! Lloyds in their letter say " this represents a refund of all PPI premiums paid inclusive of Interest plus simple Intrest @8% for any period where your account was in credit, or from the date of the card being closed to the date of payment " As your account was passed to r
  7. Slick I am still unsure as to how to find out the true amount of the claim when I first sent it to Lloyds it was for over Five Grand BUT that was in 2011, Im not sure what im doing with the PPI as you have can see!! I dont know if I can claim from 2004 up until now , Lloyds seem to think I can only claim up until 2008 which is what they have awarded me .. Tonks
  8. Hi Slick Thanks for that , I have today received A cheque from Lloyds which is what I thought they would do get in quick before I caused any trouble . I am having great difficulties over in the PPI thread dx has kindly advised but Im none the wiser , maybe ims could help . Regarding the CCJ & CO they wouldnt have happened if Lloyds listened before we went to court , the Default Notice and the amount claimed would have been differant , lets hope somthing can be done I have waited a long time for this and am out for blood !! I think the PPI is a lot more than w
  9. Thanks dx This is for a credit card I have all the statements the pdf in post 11 is only some of it , i must be dumb here as i cant work out which spreadsheet to use have downloaded both . LLoyds have said in their letter as your account was passed to recoverises in August 08 we have calculated your refund as at this date . I put in a counter claim in May 2011 who is right here them or me ? they have had my money right up untill today so should be paid up to today !! Sorry im just not sure what im doing need some help Thanks for your time Tonks
  10. Good evening After receiving Lloyds response which has been with the FOS for nearly two years , Lloyds want to pay me £xxxx for mis sold PPI , my problem is I dont know how to calculate the Interest because my spread sheet which went into my counter claim goes from April 2004 to August 2008 Which was submitted to court in May 20011. Am I right in thinking that Interest should be paid up to date or am I wrong ! This has been to court and was dismissed by the DJ , FOS have looked and agree that it was mis sold I would like to get the CCJ & CO looked at and if pos
  11. Slick Total claim with costs @ November 2011 around £10000 Paid to date £2000 by monthly instalments PPI claim they want to repay about £2500 I am unsure as to the amount for the PPI as I dont really know how calculate the interest !! In their letter they say " As our final response ,we are offering you a payment of around £2500 to bring your complaint to a conclusion . This represents a refund of all the PPI premiums paid (inclusive of interest ), plus simple interest at 8% for any period where your account was in credit, or from the date of the card being clo
  12. Hi Slick Im good thanks , The Court didnt look at my counter claim , and when the FOS guy first got in touch with me he said that Lloyds had put in an objection to them looking at the case , however Lloyds have now agreed that it was Mis sold . I look forward to hearing what can be done ! Tonks:-)
  13. Hello Well after waiting for almost two years the FOS has confirmed that the PPI was in fact mis sold . I have received a letter from Lloyds with a final response to pay me £xxxx , I have 28 days in which to act . I am looking for help with where to take this now , I have a CCJ & CO which I beleive would not have happened if the DJ had looked into my Counterclaim , and not dismissed it . Lloyds knew before we went to court that I had already advised them that I had been mis sold the PPI and it was also in my defence . I am ready to go for the kill if anyone c
  14. Hi all Could some kind person please tell me the top man at Black Horse Finance in Cardiff having lots of problems with them and dealer . Many thanks for looking Tonks
  15. Hi all Could some kind person please tell me the top man at Black Horse Finance in Cardiff having lots of problems with them and dealer . Many thanks for looking Tonks
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