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  1. If you dont send in the information they will not pay the last payment. Seems unfair but they are checking entitlement amd confirming the date you started work.
  2. If you can prove you informed ESA that you were in receipt of a student loan, then the overpayment is the departments fault and may be classed as an offical error even though you want to pay the money back.
  3. It looks like they are trying to help you. You stillmay be entitled to housing benefit even though you are working, every little helps. If you started work the 30th April you may not even get paid to the end of this month so dont shoot yourself in the foot. If you havent got any payslips yet ring up and explain this to them. You may get housing benefit for this month as income cant be taken into account until you receive it.
  4. If you are not entitled to SSP then you will be able to claim I.S as a Lone Parent, you could have made a claim a month ago while on unpaid leave. If you do make a claim ask for backdating it may be worth it. Dont struggle on ctc and chb you are entitled.
  5. Did you have a change of address, have you moved ? If so you should have completed a proforma over the phone, this will then be emailed to the section for updating. If the call was after three oclock then the payment if its made by FEP, same day banking will be in Monday morning. If they have put it in to account as normal and not a FEP it will take three working days. If this is the case and its not in Monday, ring again they can recall the payment and issue it as a FEP. You should get it that day, Ask for a call back to confirm You are entitled to receive the benefit the day its due.
  6. Is there a telephone number on the letter that you have received. If there is it may be worth a call to see if they will give you any indication to what this is all about. If you explain the effect this is having on you they may give you a clue. I cant see it being about selling things on Ebay unless you have sold loads. If your ex has give them information they would just not go on his say so, they would have to have evidence to support the accusations. Is it a joint interview by the L.A and Inland Revenue Here is a link http://static.advicenow.org.uk/files/IUC_Final-1571.pdf
  7. Hope more people can claim Erika as usual spot on, glad she is on your side
  8. Tiger is right just make a new claim to IS for you and your partner
  9. My new line manager worked at Woolworths she is useless the Wonder of Woolies not. She got the job dont know why. But she is in place and nobody is admitting responsibility Happy Days not
  10. If they do a scan and the addresses classes, yes they could think you are a couple, and start a fraud case. I am not trying to scare you but be warned just check out your local HB site and put in your figures and check out housing benefit I wish you well and hope everything work out for you
  11. If he has registered at your address even though it is a care off address, this will show on the central computer and may result in a match being raised Its because all departments use the same data It could effect your Income Support claim even if he doesnt move in
  12. You will get paid IS as soon as IB have accepted your appeal not the same as receiving it, but there should be no problem You will get IS on the reduced rate from the day after you were last paid as long as it was received in the calendar month from when you failed your PCA or medical
  13. to try to work out what the random money is this is how it works, for benefit purposes take the last two numbers of your national insurance number, please keep it to yourself then when you have these ignore the letter 1-20 payday monday 21 -40 tuesday 41-60 wednesday 61-80 thursday 81-100 Fridays so if end in 59 you wll be a wednesday now you are paid fortnightly in arrears and have to serve three waiting days usually so date of claim 8th paid from 11 september, med cert ran out 23rd September they will not have paid you at first past that date of the first med cert and untill they have the new cert they wont pay you again untill their system is updated a letter should have been sent out with the payment giving you a full benefit breakdown It looks like three days benefit may have been paid to you As Erica has said give them another ring and ask when are they going to update the system and pay you as you must be due again by now, at least two weeks if you have put in your cert and there are no gaps.
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