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  1. OK. Can anyone advise then on: Do they check with the UK credit agencies? Many Thanks
  2. Hello All. What, in your experience, is the "friendliest" bank in the ROI for a new account, in regards to providing a debit card, small overdraft etc? Do they check with the UK credit agencies? I'm in full time employment here. Many Thanks
  3. Nice one guys, keep the advice coming!
  4. Evening All. Short Version: Took car finance through these guys, lost my job, moved house but advised them where I was. Welcome then put me in contact with the new local office, passed all the details on, I made payments etc. Lost job again, this time moved house and country. Paid what I could through bank transfers from over seas but am well behind with the payments, but never passed on new address! 2 weeks ago, took a call from "National Insurance" at work saying that I had over paid my NI in the UK. They had my details,(although google and 192.com can find that) all seemed legit and passed on my new address. Today I received a letter from welcome in a hand written envelope. Letter inside was to my old original address, offering a 25% reduction as way as a full and final settlement on the account. Quick calculation and it does seem a genuine offer. This has me thinking though: Do they realize that the debt my be unenforceable or is this the start of the inevitable battle? Would they have lost my paperwork? Thoughts and advice would be gratefully received!
  5. Sorry to hear your story Asif, went through this earlier in the year. We had already moved out when the eviction was ordered and had started our "new life". The day the house went was my best nights sleep in years! We've got a lot to sort out still. We,ve moved from England and have no thoughts on ever returning. I had worked my arse off in the UK for 30 odd years, paying tax and never claimed a penny in support. Come the start of the recesion though, people owing me and things snow balled. So here we are, in a different country with a new life, new beggining. It may not seem like it today, but trust me, time is a great healer and a short time from now you will look back on this as positive. You could view the judge as un-caring. We did for a day or so until we realised he had, in effect, stopped our struggling and worries!
  6. Whilst I'm here in the ROI, am I worrying when I have no need to? (all though moraly I know this is wrong)
  7. Hi. I,m a UK citizen, worked and paid taxes in England all my life, moved to the ROI this year. All debts are in the UK, no asetts either in the UK or Ireland, bit I,m now working in the ROI!
  8. Sorry for the thread hijack, but I lived in the UK until Jan this year, then moved to the ROI, could I still go BR in the UK as was suggested?
  9. See post 2 in this link, not yet gone further into this but hope it's good information! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/formal-solutions-bankruptcy-administration/212961-question-br-living-ireland.html
  10. Would this be similar the other way around? i.e, credit card debt in the UK, but now living in R O I? Thanks
  11. Thanks Loobyloo. It is a chance of a clear start, we ae also starting to get a life back but I can't ignore the mess left behind in the UK.
  12. Hi all. Well after a bad year, we have moved to Irlend to start a new job. House in the UK was repoed and we're looking at a £60K shortfall. Add in the unsecured and this takes the wife and me to around £120K of debt. All the debts were in the UK from credit cards, loans etc, we were managing fine until the down turn. Now living in Southern Ireland but have this milstone arond our necks. I Have a reasoanble job and pay, the wife can't work as there is nothing available, plus we have 2 young children. Could I go bankruot in the UK to clear this once and for all? Thanks for you help.
  13. Not sure if this helps but in my case I broke the "rules" and phoned R and R direct, I was at the missed payments, bailiff knocking 2 times over stage! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/137651-ross-roberts-council-tax.html 3rd time lucky but got it settled! Hope it works out.
  14. Registered on the 29th of September, acknowledges by me on the 6th October. Thanks
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