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  1. Hi honeybee, sorry I'm a bit beside myself with this...my wages wont cover these ongoing demands
  2. I have a debt with Suzulki finance ltd, it became subject of CCJ, I paid the outstanding amount, made an agreement to continue to pay and as far as I know I have done so. Today I received a letter from SCM Solicitors stating arrears of £300 ' warning - enforcement proceedings notice'. I am concerned that no matter how i try to pay the amount never seems to go down, what do I do?
  3. Just a quick Hi to all, it would be rude not to say a thank you to hosters and posters...I've been getting tips from this site for some time; finances are now in a state of order, but disarray ensues with a certain financial house and it is with this problem that I seek some specific help. I would be much grateful for any replies and I hope in turn I will be able to share the part where I hit a wall.
  4. Hello all, I'm a newby, i need to read through a few things before i get started but glad to be here. Regi
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