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  1. alexb123

    Cheque Payee

    Does anyone know is it acceptable to leave Payee blank on a Cheque? What is the legal position, can a company or organisation receiving the Cheque fill in their own name?
  2. Oh Maro, I have just worked out why this is a stupid question. Sticking out is fine I was worried that it wouldn't fit onto the attachments. However, I take it that a 4 and a 4 4" would both still fit the attachments. Oops, I knew it was a stupid question :o
  3. Hi All I know this is a silly question but here goes. Headboards come in 4 Foot and 4 Foot 6" sizes. However, the width of my bed is in-between these sizes, its about 4 foot 4". What do I do? Help!
  4. Many Thanks for the reply. The Tenancy started after Apr 07. And I have checked it is in a deposit scheme. I thought that the inventory people protect the deposit and carry out the inspections to see if you get it back? Is this right?
  5. Hi all I'm having probs with my deposit. The LL is saying they had to spend £1000 on the house. This seems far too high. So I have the following questions and would appreciate some help. 1. Do the company who did the inventory have to come back to do the leaving assessment? We thought this would happen but they are saying this is not the case. 2. As our checkout day was a Sunday the letting agents could not meet us at the property, so they told us to leave the keys. The Landlord lives locally and could have meet us there I'm sure. So does anyone have a duty to do a change over? 3. Some of the problems in the house that we are being charged for were reported in the 6 monthly inspection i.e damp caused by a blocked gutter that was never cleared. So I'm I entitled to a copy of these reports? The letting agent wasn't sure and he certain made it clear he didn't want me to have them. 4. We only heard that this work was being done after I called up to see what was happening to the deposit (3 weeks post tenancy end). I asked why I was not informed preciously, that all of this work was being done. The letting agent said there was no duty to inform me. 5. Does the LL have a duty to get quotes for the work done? 6. A payment has also come out of our account for rent since we vacated. I know we should have cancelled the Direct Debt (bangs head). However, should they have stopped the DD their end? We are very upset that this has all happened. It was difficult enough having to move so the LL could sell the house and now all this Help would be so appreciated.
  6. I pre-ordered an item that was released yesterday and my delivery date was meant to be yesterday. It didn't arrive, so now I'm thinking rather than wait in for it again, I would be better off cancelling the order and going to the shop to get it. Can I do this? Cheers Alex
  7. flying I understand your frustration and under the surface I think our views aren't that far apart anyway
  8. Flying my whole point of wanting this information was to see if what happened to me happened to other patients. So I respect that it is only my view which may not be representative of everyones experience. Also, my g/f is a few months away from her own doctorate so I could pass this information to her and according to your theory she would be better equipped to understand and deal with a situation than myself who was there and experienced it first hand? I think not. However, she would be better equipped to know the rules and regulations. As a patient I more entitled than anyone else to make a judgment of my treatment! However, from an unqualified perspective I may be right or wrong in that judgement.
  9. My point is I would rather know the background of a health professional than anyone else. Health professionals are 'professionals' and they should adhere and be accountable to the very highest of standard, a butcher or bus driver can be an bod off the street. Also, people here seem to have taken my question on a far deeper level than was intended. I'm sure the ethics etc of this debate have been considered in passing the relevant laws. I'm not saying the outcome was the most ethical. All I wanted to know was which information would be available to me, I am happy to accept whatever information is sent to me.
  10. I am entitled to know the complaints lodged against a department and some other information, that is all I was look for. And I only want the information I am legally entitled to I am not asking anyone to write new laws for me.
  11. My point is people are interested and happy to leave/read feedback from someone selling socks but in flyingDoc's view we should not be allow to see information regarding people who we in trust out lives?
  12. FlyingDoc are you also against feedback on ebay? And would you have applied the same logic to Dr Shipman?
  13. I know this is a long shot but I thought I would try. I was seeing a Psychologist for many months I then had a one hour assessment with a Psychiatrist and from this meeting he wrote a report saying the original Psychologists views were wrong. Whats of the greatest concern here is that the issue on which the Psychiatrist overwrote the Psychologist was never even spoken about. I now wonder are there any guidelines or examples that may assist in me in understanding how a Doctor should approach overriding another professionals views? Cheers
  14. I am interested to find this information because whilst previously on the telephone to the head of department he asked if I had telephone before I therefore believe that other complaints may have been lodged against the Psychologist in question. I have made an application under the freedom of information act and I will see what they come back with and update the thread. Many Thanks
  15. I have been treated by an NHS Psychologist (he was just qualified). He was highly incompetent and I knew he would not stay in the job long. I was right and he has left the profession to work as lecturer. Also, the leading consultant psychologist (his boss) for his department has left as well as his section manager. I wanted to to enquirer on what grounds these people left and I wondered what my rights are under the freedom of information act. The Information Commissioners Office helpline were not much help, does anyone here have any ideas? Any input here would be much appreciated
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