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  1. Hi, A year ago, I purchased an 0845 number for £9.99 from a company called UK2Numbers, which is a subsidiary of IM-Software. They advertised the service as being a one-off fee, so I decided to purchase the number, but in the end never used it. Last week, they debited £35.76 from my debit card - they obviously held on to my debit card details and left their telephone number as a payment reference. Now it transpires, they expect me to pay an annual subscription fee for the number, which I would not have opted to do if they had contact me to ask in the first place. Are they allowed to do this? Charge my card a year later, when I was told there was a one-off fee for the 0845 number? Does anyone have any advice in this regard? MANY THANKS!
  2. Hi JonCris, Many thanks for this info. What is the process involved?
  3. Hi I'm hoping someone could offer some advice. I've just checked my credit file and noticed that I had been awarded with 4 CCJ's from Natwest bank in October last year. I was paying my debt with them via arrangements through a debt management company and did not default on one installment. Is it possible for them to do this, even though they are receiving agreed payments? I also received a call that they were wiling to reduce my debt if I was to clear the outstanding balance. What is going on?
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