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  1. if a partial payment is made can they still mark it 1 month in arrears ?
  2. i am looking for an official definition of what a 1 monthly marker on my credit file showing account in arrears is in this case it relates to a secured loan is it a full 30 days after it was due that they can mark your file? is it at the point of the 2nd due installment ? unfortunately my payments fall on the last working day of the month so if it was paid on ..lets say the 4th of the next month (i.e within 1 week) would that be still 1 month in arrears? is it different for every lender or is their an industry accepted practice?
  3. Has anyone claimed charges back while still with GE or their mortgage provider ? Most posts in here seem to be people who have remortgaged , sold or are under reposssesion proceedings
  4. Maybelline , unfortunately its true the FSCS wont handle any unregulated products i.e 2nd charge mortgages of any kind they can however look at the miss selling of PPI on those products
  5. ive just been emailed back by he FSCS and they say they can look at PPI but they wont deal with the secured loan as they are unregulated is this right? my secured loan is UNDER 25k
  6. ive had the same problems but the 2 DCAs concerned have refused to pay anything saying its equifax fault and equifax say its not us its them ! useless bunch of ***** , now im going to go the super slowmo route of complaining to the ombudsman
  7. make sure they dont get a dodgy DCA like Muk Hall to put an OUTSTANDING DEBT search on table 1 of your credit file , effectively extending the 6 years to 8
  8. just a note of caution , i have extensive experience with these criminals they took me to court and i got the case thrown out + compensation but not before they faked/edited and doctored every piece of "evidence" 3 or more times keep everything they send as if it does go to court they will trip themselves up i dont even think the "new" Robinson way should be legally trading but is amazing what an accountant can do just my opinion
  9. I ordered a Blackberry pay as you go 3 days ago on their website , when I got it I unlocked it but found it very awkward to use I just didnt Like it so as ive had it less than 14 days I sent it back but they've refused to refund me and sent it back because I've unlocked it ? Can this be right ?
  10. I will write to them this week as I'm now a ready made "Ghost" Writer
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