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  1. Thanks Andy, Those are very encouraging words I hope you are right I'll get the documents scanned next week and post them up. My girlfriend and I will be putting together a response to their documents and perhaps I could also post that up next week so that we can finalise our case. Thank you again, that's very good of you, rapidone
  2. Hi 42man, I've tried Citizen's Advice Bureau and my branch do not pick up the phone, just a message saying call back when we're less busy, which is never as I've tried several times I then called the Consumer Credit Counselling Service who suggested I call the Community Legal Advice Service on 0845 345 4345 and was holding for 30 minutes and decided to hang up due to the cost, not freephone you see. I then used their Advice by Email service, giving them a similar post to my original here and got a message saying "You need help with compiling your evidence" which was not very useful
  3. Hi All, Can anyone help or advise please with my current county court case with HBOS which today had a directions hearing and was allocated for trial in the fast track... May I give you a summary of events... My Halifax CCA was taken out on 28th Jan 2005 and is for £12K, but I believe it is unenforceable... HBOS cannot provide a legible agreement, just a very poor copy with broken signature and mostly unreadable text. I've been through the Subject Access Request route, got statements, made a counterclaim for a refund and compensation of about £7K. Following your
  4. Thanks for your feedback I've made a couple of additions and yes customer services should be included as a 'good reason' but of course you'd need to retain the receipt even if it was a gift, though I can think of better presents ;-) maybe a crossbow ;-) I've added this... "Golf clubs and sports equipment could be exempt from a licence provided they are transported to and from the place of play in a closed bag. And that place of play should not include a school playing field, which in any case isn't allowed by the land owner." Like the smoking ban, this law would focus the use o
  5. Regulate knives like firearms... Please read this in context with firearms regulation to get a better handle on these ideas... Knives carried in public must be regulated and it's easier than you think... The law would say the following... "A 'knife' is any object or device having a sharp point or edge, or can be used for striking by swinging and is capable of being used or neglected to cause injury. This includes swords, chainsaws, bats, golf clubs and the like." All 'knives' must be transported in a secure 'locked' holder to prevent use of the knife and provide a safe c
  6. 10 Good Reasons to live in Great Britain... Please read on, it starts boring buts gets better... 1) Avoid skin cancer, over heating and a healthy looking tan because GB has hardly any sunshine. There's hot bouts of hot sunny weather in the summer but it never lasts, mostly it's windy, raining and cold. If you hate the sun, you'll love the UK. 2) Love a simple livestyle... In the UK you are guaranteed to live simply because all the good things are unaffordable. It's cheaper to go on a package holiday to Turkey than holiday in any UK resort. A week at Butlins in Bognor will
  7. For your guidance I've done a rough calculation of my entitlement with my 3 kids based in my UK home, on current benefit levels... 4 years of seperation is 208 weeks with £20 for the first child and £13.20 for each other child per week = £4,160.00 for my first child + £5,491.00 for my 2 other children = £9,651.00 I'm owed... Ouch! It gets even more serious with Tax Credits... I called HMRC two weeks ago and over the phone they calculated my weekly entitlement based on me being currently unemployed... Would you believe it's £182.00 per week. Now assuming I've been unable to find
  8. Dear All, Can anyone help with my claim for Child Benefit and Tax Credits. I've been seperated for 4 years and now divorced for 18 months, I'm co-habiting with my girlfriend who is great and we look after my 3 kids at home for half the week and with my ex-wife who has them the other half the week, each and every week. I also send about £160 per month in support of a child I have who lives abroad. I'm currently an unemployed IT Project Manager and Solution Architect looking for work, and for some time (4 years since my seperation) it has been a major financial problem for me that
  9. Thank you cerberusalert That link about Charging Orders is very useful, on reading it I think because I have other large creditors, the house is in negative equity and I have kids living here, it appears that lovely HBoS will have a few hurdles to jump before I'm forced to hand over my front door keys and force my ex-wife to look after my kids 24/7 One thing occurs to me now though... HBoS need a CCJ first, so is the agreement enforceable... Are there any basic points a creditor must have in a CCA regulated agreement to make it enforceable? Please note all BoS have was a signed Cr
  10. Hi All, Not sure if I'm supposed to be posting this story and question here, so early apologies... I'm currently at the beginning of county court claim by HBoS against me which has now been allocated on the Fast Track and I have today issued the first document to HBoS, a document disclosure statement along with my counterclaim refund calculations... Some background... I have a Halifax CC debt of an embarrassing £13.5K which I defaulted on in March 2008 with the intention of claiming for a refund of unfair interest and charges etc. I've now calculated this to be a huge £5.5K whic
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