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  1. Hi KJD it's just a list of charges , i'll check against the statements i have and see if it tallies up
  2. Hi , just recieved a letter from lloyds with my bank charges listed ( comes to about £1,700 ) they've gone into all the details about the court case and say that if i still wish to complain they'll make note of it or i can go to court but they'll just have it stayed . I assume i should send them a letter saying that i do want to complain and keep it on record or is this last letter they sent enough , i must admit the letter they sent out is bassicaly saying i'm going to loose so don't bother . Any thoughts ?
  3. Hi finestm thats the one , asked for statements or charges list and got this instead , do you think it's a ploy or are they just sending things to a different department ( says it's the customer complaints dept )
  4. Hi all I've just got my first letter back from starting my claim against lloyds , (i sent out the template with my £10 cheque) and recieved a letter saying thank you for your complaint ? . Is this the normal response or a fob off , i was wondering if they're going to say they never got the cheque and just treat this as a complaint on the bank charges , it was sent recorded as advised but obviously no proof of a cheque being sent.
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