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  1. Ha, I have considered that! Thank you very much for your help! It's very much appreciated.
  2. I don't think it says anything about assignment but it does say I can't sublet...
  3. Yes, it is let on a room by room basis. i am one of five people living in a four bed house. The LL doesn't do reference checks apparently either, so it is little wonder people with little or no scruples are able to move in.
  4. Hi, I need some advice on whether I have any grounds for getting my LL to release me from my six month AST. I am two months into the contract but six weeks into living at the house I had expensive items stolen from my room by housemates. I since found out that problems of thefts had been reported to the LL before I moved in and she was asked for locks to be put on the bedroom doors (it's a shared house) but she didn't do this. She changed the front door lock but that is all. The house is particularly unpleasant to live in with housemates threating each other and some of them taking
  5. Hello, I would appreciate some advice on my letting agent. I moved into rented accommodation approx six weeks ago and have had nothing but problems. They charged me and my boyfriend £200 in fees to move in and tried to charge an extra £100 just to release the keys on a staurday (despite the fact that the office is fully staffed on a staurday). When we moved in we were given a DVD inventory, which didn't work. We were told that the DVD did work and it was our problem, despite it not working on three different machines. I eventually went to the office and watched the inventory the
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