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  1. Hi - This is my first post, so a big hello all round. i also have a problem that doesn't appear to be anywhere near resolution after a couple of years of trying. I monitor my credit file through Credit Expert and I have an entry on there that states I owe Woolwich Collections £151 since 2004, and this is still unpaid. This has cost me a lower rate mortgage already and obviously appears as a "black mark" on my credit history. I have letters from the Woolwich Collections Agency (last one dated Oct 2007) stating the issue will be dealt with. but to this day, nothing and the entry is still there. I have instructed Credit Expert to keep a notice of contest against it, which they have done. but I want it off as I feel I do not owe anyone anything. I have never banked with Barclays either. My first mortgage was with Woolwich but that was paid in full nearly 6 years ago. The only possible thing I can think of is that there is an unpaid "charge" of some sort, but I have never been chased for this debt, by anyone. Can anyone suggest a way of dealing with this or a contact I can approach?? Can I also add that no one at Woolwich or now Barclays can tell me what this £151 is owed for !!!
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