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  1. Much appreciate your input, Eric'sbro, , I am not sure who is responsible for the entire mountain, the bit which is about to give way, the part just behind my property, is within the boundary lines of my own garden, which is the part of the land which belongs to me.. The mountain extends far beyond what I own, however. The entire property is flanked by fields, which is owned by a farmer, I think the mountain is classed as " Common ground " and most probably is council owned. But as the piece which is breaking off is within the boundary of my own little piece of land, I suppose I will be held responsible for the mountain slide. Thank you Raybe, for your contribution, there are no other properties involved. My property stands alone, in a completely isolated position, I would far rather not get a structural engineer at this stage, as they most probably would be very costly ! But I think, maybe, the council should be informed, as the main bulk of the mountain is their responsibility....... I will let you folks know what transpires in due course, and once again, most grateful for your support ......
  2. Not sure where,exactly, to post this..... but here goes... I live in a fairly wild location in Wales, just three or four feet from the back of my cottage is a mountain. Fairly recently, I've noticed larger and larger amounts of earth, splitting away and piling up on the narrow walkway, between the back wall of my home and the mountain, so I have to keep sweeping it away, to stop damp entering through the back wall into my lounge, which has always been a bit of a problem at the best of times ..... Immediately above where the earth is sliding down there is an enormous hole, ( I get an enormous amount of rabbits in the garden, but this hole is so huge, looks like it might be a ~Badger ? Very concerned about the continual slide of earth, to make matters worse, looks like an ~Enormous, amount of earth is about to break away, ...... too much to sweep......... concerned the mountain, now compromised by the digging animal, might continue to collapse, unabated onto my house......... Particularly worried about going to my insurance company about the issue, as they have not been particularly forth coming with the very few, mild claims ( approx 4 ) I have approached them with in the past. They are bound to say, I am not insured for a falling mountain ! but this IS a natural / Act of nature issue which I am, surely, entitled to ....... Is there a way to hold the mountain back somehow, that's not going to cost thousands ??? What do I do ?
  3. Many thanx 4 the tip, Ray, a funny thing I find about this fungus is that after I've had a shower ( I always have stone cold showers, btw, as it keeps me tip top ! ) the fungus, which is on the, outside, of the base ( not inside the shower cubicle ) almost completey disappears. I do step out of the cold shower in front of a small heater which is never used otherwise, so might be the warm air gets rid of the fungus ? But, as I have said, the room is very cold, all year round, and never heated except for during my showers, two or three times a week...... Having said that, though, exactly, the same tiles, ( natural stone mosaics ) have been used in other parts of the room, yet there is no fungus anywhere else....
  4. Ok, Bzzzz, Bzzzzz of La la Land, text format from now on as to your request Never upset a Bee, might get stung, Ouch ! .....
  5. Thanx dacouc ,I will have to find out about the - Trace and access clause, I have absolutely no idea if I'm covered for this, infact, I don't even have policy literature from my insurance people, I have asked them several times to, please send. but still without the necessary info ........ Does this show a bit of reluctance on their part, or what !.....
  6. Apologies, HB, about size of text, I thought it would make easier reading for people, but I will reduce the size, a tad, if you wish, ..... hoping no-one goes and asks me for larger text then I will be in a right quandry ! P.S - Hope this helps ? anyone else who might have probs with size of my text do let me know and I will reduce further ....
  7. Thanx Ray, I certainly will speak to them, but, first, I think it wisest to gather as much info as poss, hopefully, which will help in my favour once the claim is put forward.... Greatly appreciate your input, Unclebulgaria, the bit about the possible danger to the foundations of the house is a priceless bit of info and I will defintely use this to strengthen my case when I contact the insurers.... Possibly I could, also, mention the danger involved in the toxicity of certain types of fungi ? I know some growths can be extemely harmful to human health, this might, also, make the insurers more inclined to honour my claim quickly ..... I live in hope !
  8. I have a situation with the base ( external side ) of my shower, which has been growing a rather nasty wool like fungus for quite awhile now. I do wipe the fungus away regularly with disinfectant but the horrible growth reappears rapidly and is getting progressivly worse. My plumber is pretty certain that a pipe has burst underneath, and, due to the extreme cold in the room, all year round, suspects the situation has been like that for quite awhile, but because the entire room is tiled , floor to ceiling, the only visible effects of the pipe burst, is the furry white fungus He states I should be entitled to claim on my insurance for the work. However, will the insurance company pay out when all that can be seen, is just the fungal growth, no physical evidence of flooding water ? Some years ago, during winter there was a big freeze in the area where I live, due to this a couple of pipes burst and my kitchen was flooded. My new plumber stated at the time that the pipes had not been lagged which they should have been, in particular as I live in a greatly exposed, high altitude building. ( I did, incidently, originally, ask, that the piping be lagged, but my request was flatly ignored ...) As the shower was installed by the same people who installed the pipework in my kitchen it would appear the same thing has happened again, except the flooding water is hidden beneath the base ( Please note : the base was totally filled in with cement, there is no access area, so the whole thing will have to be smashed to pieces to access the pipes, which will be time consuming and expensive. When I made the claim years earlier for the burst pipes in my kitchen my insurers were somewhat reluctant to pay out, even though many, many other households were hit by the big freeze in the locality ! They paid out eventually, but only because the rest of the nation was awash with flooding in their homes, so they had little option but to fork out ! However, now, I stand alone with burst pipes hidden deep down under thick cement and behind a strong barrier of tiling. The weather is not freezing, and no other homes are affected .... What is the best way for me to approach my insurance company to ensure I get a fair result, regards this particular, it would appear, rather longstanding, issue ?
  9. The info I got from gizmo, I found profoundly useful. This was one point I raised in my letter to Tesco Insurance, about their old ploy ...,, cheating people on the least technicality. How about telling them that you will expose their dishonesty in your local newspaper. They could lose countless customers through your grievance. Reputation means an awful lot to these big bux companies. I know for sure I would never touch them with a barge pole again ! The more you know about their dirty dealings, the less likely they are to ride rough shod over you. This has been my experience, sure pays off.....
  10. Mwynci, I really feel for you in your situation. You sound like very decent, conscientious people, and, most unfortunately, the nicer a person is, the more the unscrupulous is apt to take advantage. Having had dealings with this riff raff company, myself, as well as learning of the experiences of other sources, Tesco Insurance, is ~ Not, an honorable service to deal with. The only way to deal with them is with a " verbal " sledge hammer approach That's what I did in the end, and guess what, they responded ~ Immediately , not only with apologies, but with a full amount cheque ! Wishing you the greatest of success in your claim, you have ~ Every right to it !
  11. Many thanks, Gadgetgirl, Rebel and Conniff, I feel much stronger already making this claim, with your support behind me ! I will do as per your instructions today.
  12.     Gadgetgirl, Many thanks for responding so quickly to my problem.   Please find link to the offending loo, below : Zone Artist one piece toilet with slow closing seat, a lovely minimalist design bowl to smarten up your bathroom Though the measurements are given, there is no mention of the difference in fitting, nor the room lost due to this, in their advertisement. The Depth is 700 mm. Yet a depth of 700 mm on a standard loo, takes up no more room when placed against the wall, however, the Zone Artist, needs to have a pipe inserted at the back which pushes it forward a further four to five inches. They did not declare this, however, on the website. Those precious few inches lost spell disaster in an already cramped space between loo, and the bath opposite.
  13. I am having a small extension built to the side of my house. A utility and bathroom. I found, what I thought, was the ideal loo. ( a Zone Artist ) The cistern and toilet is designed as a one piece unit. It looks good, and, apparently, is easier to keep clean, than a standard design, as there is no gap underneath the cistern to worry about. Problem is, now the plumber has arrived and had a look at the loo, he says that , due to its design, it will stick out from the wall at least four to five inches more, than a standard loo of the same size, due to the lay out of some pipe which needs to be attached for this new design. The bathroom that the loo was purchased for, is already cramped, and there is no-way it will fit, with room to walk round.( between it, and the bath ) The company, "Bathroom Evolution" refuse to take the toilet back ( it is still boxed, in its original packaging ) because it was sent out a month and a half ago. However, it is not my fault that the extension is taking such a long time to build, and the plumbing side of things has only just got underway. The on-line info on this toilet, ~ Did Not reveal, that this design of loo takes up a lot more room, ( depth wise, jutting out from wall ) than a regular design. This loo was extortionate in price, it cost over £250, ( including delivery ) and it is absolutely useless for my bathroom. Is there any way, I have the right to my money back, under the sale of goods act, or whatever ? It is unused, boxed as sent, and unfit for use, in the location intended. I would be most greatful for any advice, ASAP, on the dilemma, please !
  14.   Hello Parcelforce, I am most greatful to you for responding so thoughtfully, and informatively, to my query. However, I have, sorted arrangements now. Do not worry about my packaging ability. I would say I'm a first class packer ! When I moved house, three years ago, an estate agent said he had never seen such perfect super safe packing in all his years in the business. Now that's praise indeed , coming from a pro in the removal industry !
  15.   I have the responsibility of sending a large, heavy box of items ( 13 " W X 19 "L x 13 " H ) from the U.K to Canada. The items, incidently, are priceless to the recipients as they are irreplaceble family heirlooms. Can anyone advise, for a ciompetive and reliable collection / delivery service. That also, preferably, will supply ample cover ( insurance ) should the parcel be damaged enroute. I need to send asap, so would much appreciate some speedy comments ! Thank you.
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