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  1. Hi, Longg story, bought a BMW 26th Aug for £5202 cash sale, on 4th sept (9days) 3 car warning lights, and fuel gauge needle all indicated problems. Took car back to dealership on Monday 5th, told that afternoon couldn't get warning lights to come on, but their own salesman had confirmed they were all on when I dropped it off. informed they would keep it and look again in the morning on 6th over phone told needed BMW to sort they were not equipped and since I didn't take the warranty not their problem come pick it up. Refused and quoted SOGA, not of satisfactory quality, it was their responsi
  2. Hi, sorry if I have posted in the wrong forum, as this is my first post and really hoping someone can help. The problem is with a hire purchase agreement with car dealership. I`ll try to be brief. My daughters (age 18) boyfriend (18) went to try and buy a car on finance and was refused, the salesman said she could apply to buy it and they could tranfer the deal into his name after the first payment came out of her account. She explained she only worked part time, 16 hrs earning 350 a month, and did not have a driving license, they told her no problem, if anyone asks for your d
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