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  1. Hi all, we thought this probelm ahd been sorted, oh no no no no..! Right, back in october, our renault scenic dashboard failed. My othjer half, took a warranty out with welcome. After much haggling denying our claim, they agreed to replace the part (dashboard and reprogamming). 4 weeks later, other half has called them constantly and, cheque is in the post, delay due to xmas post...pigeons hitting the north wind over leeds...etc..etc...we have tried asking for the chq as it is to be sent to the local renault dealership who have been great. I would liek to know our legal position
  2. so should I get a cca fired off tomorrow? Is so, to who, lowell clownfolio of redordeds? Thanks for all the advice by the way, or do isend a bogoff latter in the first instance?...Thanks again for the advice.
  3. hi rory, yes, I jointly own a property with my fiance.
  4. No, I have not sent a cca to Lowells as redguys have the account and how i wish i recorded the call they made to me about a month ago...
  5. I believe it is yes, as on it says, "You should refer to section 2, how to comply with a statutory demand".
  6. Hi all, I would appreciate some advice about these particularly nasty group. I believe, although cannot prove it, that they have been leaving messages with neighbours, called my parents to say I have a parcel and what are my contact details, now today, i have a letter off them saying within 10 days they will file a bankruptcy petition against me. the debt is for (allegedly) £800 ish. They say it is under section 268 (1) (a) of the Insolvency act 1986. I believe this debt to be unenforcable, do I send a bogoff letter or request a cca? It has been passed from lovem's duckfolio to th
  7. Hi, I have just got off the phone with OUSBA, the OU credit facility, I was informed that my dd didnt go through with my bank at the begining of 2007 (well, sept) and i started my course. I got one letter saying it was behind, I agreed to pay £100 a month to clear this and was told the account would be active, having just tried to enrol on a course, the account is closed, and a default has been put on my file even though the account is clear..all notes and details of calls ets have been lost..strange eh! The woman knew it all as she was doing her law degree..how I laughed..lol, anyway, how c
  8. I would ask or demand the contract in writing. Have you signed the contract? If not then you are under no obligation, you need to get the Ins and outs, so to speak...go from there..
  9. Jon cris, bit too much info there! Anyway, my oh has been away for a week with an examining body, back now so no more corned beef sandwiches for tea! I would take record some footage on a mobile phone and submit it as evidence..
  10. Yep, unfortunately you are effectively employed until 8th August so you have an obliging contract to you employer up to this date. However, in my place of work, most dont work their notice as they feel no loyalty once a new job has been offered to them, plus the turnover of staff is very high.
  11. Not good enough a response, well, my opinion anyway. I worked for 3 days over 12 hours each day and on day 3, expecting payment, was told work wasnt up to their standard..so..... a few calls later and a 60 tonne hymac ready to rip out my work (complete with their garden,car, garage, etc...) lo and behold, money appeared....strange that eh!
  12. Take him to the cleaners...(and the company)..
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