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  1. I think Europarks must be getting desperate now!! Yesterday, I went into my local Morrisons and on my return discovered yet another parking notice. The reason this time? Not obeying signage, Parked in a parent and child bay. Ha ha ha!! It beggars belief how, if they ever, tried to take this to court it could possibly be proven I had (or didn't have) a child with me. The said 'ticket' will be filed away with all the others, in my dustbin!!
  2. mand336


    Slick, Thank You!! Never used Photobucket before and don't think I will again?!! The FOS has now got all the paperwork pertaining to my dealings with BC, as the bundle was so big, I sent them the originals as I have copies of everything on my PC. I have not yet filed the court docs as I am waiting for a witness statement to arrive, but when it does, that will be my first port of call!! I have never received a signed executed copy of my credit agreement, in one of their letters they cited section 61 of the CCA 1974, which even I know, has been superseded by the 2006 amendments! Actually I have just had a quick look at some of the amendments and I may raise a point under Section 6 (24) as I have not received annual statements either! My case has escalated somewhat as BC realised I had a Barclays current account and decided to help themselves to what was in there and also, Barclays took the liberty of `giving` me a reserve amount (never asked for and never required) which BC have also helped themselves too! So now have massive charges on that account which I requested to be closed when I realised the scenario. One thing I know for certain is that, should I win the Lottery the only thing I will NOT do is pay either Barclays or BC!!!!! Mand x
  3. mand336


    oooops!! Not sure what I did there!! I will upload everything I have received to date from BC and then upload it here. Have not received a signed dated copy of my agreement, but did receive a letter yesterday waffling on about the fact one is not required to be held by them by law??
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    Link removed by Slick132 to protect data
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    I have an ongoing issue with Barclaycard, to the point now, where I am trying to see if the debt is infact, enforceable. Received yesterday their final response letter, hopefully attached!! Can someone shed some light on this for me please?
  6. Do you think if I was caught speeding in the same area I could use a mitigating excuse that I didnt want to be prosecuted for parking/loading/unloading?
  7. LOL @ Bernie No...Croydon isn`t a county but am so p****d off at the whole thing am confusing myself now!!!! Maybe I should have gone to the O2 instead!
  8. Have just requested to see the still pictures and sent a letter of appeal so will keep you informed of the outcome! Does this mean that I cannot pay the lower fee of £60 as it will be outside the 21 day time limit once I receive any correspondance from them? Or should I pay the £60 and carry on appealing? Thanks.
  9. I have received a PCN today which is dated 28/05/09 for contravention of O2-parking or loading/unloading in a restricted street where restrictions are in force Location: Dingwall Ave Date: 21/05/09 Time: 11.22 I did indeed visit that place that day and pulled into a layby on the left hand side of the road to allow my partner to exit my car and then drove away! I did not notice any signs not allowing this although on the opposite side of the road I did see the signs for no loading/unloading but there was no layby. Can I dispute this on the grounds I was not parked and could not have been there for more than 2 mins in total. Thanks
  10. I have now received 2 quite threatening demands for payment, totalling £94.00. I have not acknowledged either. What course of action should I now take? My car was actually stolen a week after this alleged parking offence so have had far more pressing matters to deal with! Thanks
  11. What I am finding really annoying is the fact that the times on the ticket are different to the actual time I arrived and departed. There were numerous empty disabled parking bays and whilst I admit I did use a disabled bay it was only because of the size and weight of the item I was collecting. It had been paid for and I had phoned to check it was ready for me literally to just put straight into the boot. It took in total 3 minutes from pulling up, to running into the store and then starting to reverse. My colleagues and I were all in uniform and all of our watches read the same time. I find it unbelievable that a penalty notice is issued under these circumstances. After reading into this forum I am now prepared to not pay and defend my position.
  12. Thanks for the quick response. I dont want to be in the position of the fine escalating if it is not paid within 14 days, so should I pay and then take further action? My work colleagues are happy to act as witnesses.
  13. Hi, Wonder if anyone can help me? Yesterday, I received a parking fine for £50 after allegedly parking in a disabled bay at a europarks car park. I had to collect a PC, a large heavy box, and so stopped the nearest I could to the store. I had 3 work colleagues with me and 2 of us went into the store whilst the 3rd stayed with the car. I `parked` at 16.15 and returned to my car at 16.18, as I was reversing a bloke practically jumped on my bonnet and rammed a screwed up piece of paper under the windscreen wiper with such force that it is damaged!! I stopped and my colleague got out to see what it was and we were all gobsmacked to discover it was a fine! Please can anyone advise me what I should do? The ticket shows the time as 16.13 till 16.18 which is wrong. I have got to take my car to mercedes on Tuesday to ask about the cost of fixing the windscreen wiper. I have an unblemished driving record of 20 years and cannot believe the absurdity of this!!!!! Mandy
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