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  1. Couldn't the subject header have read the same, but without the word 'appointments'? Wishful thinking on my part - unfortunately.
  2. I was just thinking out loud, so to speak. I'm sure that if such a question gets raised, they'll come up with some obscure reason for wriggling out of it - that's the DWP by nature.
  3. A loyalty programme, eh? Does such a program work both ways? Does it mean that if AK harassment indirectly causes or contributes towards a death, that they will shut up shop in atonement?
  4. Carter is a bog-standard threat monkey with a Perry Mason complex. He's well known for that, and universally despised for it.
  5. If they're trying to collect on a statute barred debt, I'd make a point of complaining to the OFT - citing that the OFT already warned another DCA (MacKenzie Hall) in regard to collection attempts on statute barred accounts. 1st Credit also had a warning from the OFT last year (as did Link Financial), and it's time they had some more correspondence with the OFT.
  6. What these people are too thick to understand is that the job they are in - such as it is, and if it can even be called 'a job' - is the only thing that separates themselves from the people who they call '****'. The only '****' involved are themselves - and they should thank their lucky stars that someone has chosen to employ them at all. Because they're going to find out that when it ends, they'll be hard pushed to find another company willing to take them on. Call centre jobs in general I believe to be 100% pointless, and deigned to fob the customer off - and this is why I would never phone a call centre. And DCA call centre posts are even more pointless still, because they - unlike a lot of companies that do use call centres - do not provide any kind of a service or even a product to the public. Companies should learn that public awareness towards DCA firms is on the up, and if it continues, then DCAs will cease to become a viable option and it's only a matter of time that companies will stop using them. DCAs are no longer a licence to print money - they're hurting, and the comments on the WCM boards, and the incessant whining on the Ron Today forum are ample proof of that. Goody!
  7. Words fail me with Boxclever. How foolish can they get? As for CSL, ignore. They're a particularly hopeless DCA, and not even one of the bigger DCAs - their staff however, are as singularly ignorant of CCA legislation as any other DCA. I once had one muppet from there tell me that it was a legal duty that I had to supply them with I&E details, and then got heated when I called her out on it. I enjoy letting them hang themselves in telephone conservations, then progressively pick apart every aspect of the call - keeps them on their toes, which they need to count with! I've not had a call for over a year and a half, and I feel strangely unpopular now.
  8. Yep, IJ and Apex need to be reported. Is IJ still trading? They've been quiet - mustn't have enough employees (or directors!) to cope with the workload.
  9. Personally, I'd wait to see what the Subject Access Request brings up before entering into the question of paying anyone. Knowing Royds TSB, it'll be quite some time before they comply, and you may need to go through the ICO to force them to do so (if the threats and toilet paper continue). That's what I did, it took months before the SAR came through, and fell way short of what I expected. And, oh dear, **** asked me for the full balance before default notices were issued - oops! Then, the accounts were terminated shortly after - double oops! Then, a credit card agreement supposedly signed by me (never had ANY CC, let alone one from Royds) came through. According to Royds, I have four different account numbers - two of which I've never used. Now, they get nothing. No wonder they needed a government bailout, and since banking is too much like hard work for them, they should leave banking to those who know how to do it (hard to find in the UK these days). Idiots!
  10. What would these provisions be, ErikaPNP? Can you clarify on this? I don't recall ever being read anything like this over the phone.
  11. That's what I mean - ESA claims are often done by phone. I'd always assumed that the DWP had an automatic right to outsource information, but I'm not so sure now that that automatic right even exists. And if no permission exists from the subject, then the DWP could potentially be acting unlawfully - especially when an ESA claim has been taken via telephone.
  12. Rossendales again, eh? And no, I don't believe the bailiff just stood there goading the guy on to shoot him. I think the bailiff would have run off like a jack-rabbit, and only came back when the police showed. That is of course, if there was ever a gun involved at all, and we all know how much credibility the word of a bailiff holds. There was the Albert Dryden case a few years back, if that's the case you mean, Fair-Parking. That was in Consett and was actually shown (inadvertently caught live) on local news TV.
  13. I'm not biting that feeds - just the liar elements, that's all.
  14. Not really. If he's been done for deception, then the guy should not be acting as a court officer - and certainly not where he's given ample opportunity to exploit others for his own expense.
  15. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times...
  16. Now, it says that 'We may also give information to certain other organisations. This can be because: - The law (including the Data Protection Act) allows us to, or says we have to. - A court order states it is necessary, or; - You have given your permission. My questions are :- 1. Where in the DPA does it 'allow them to or says they have to'? 2. Is there anything within an ESA agreement relating to passing on information externally?
  17. I wouldn't even given HF or Royds the courtesy of a reply. They're simply not worth it. I notice another 4% off Royds share price today - clearly, they should leave banking to those who know how to do it.
  18. Love the 'don'ts'. 'Do not waffle' - well, that rules any of the competitors out, then.
  19. Just a quick thought - does the DWP actually have permission or automatic authority to pass on peoples' personal details to outside companies or agencies? Can anyone clarify this?
  20. Report Horwich Farrelly and their client (again) to the OFT.
  21. No. Forget about Iqor - they're nothing. Let them continue to burn up their own money.
  22. If ever there were a case where I hope both parties end up worse off, it must be this one... Credit Today online
  23. I wonder if the UK court system or the OFT might start taking a similarly hard line. Then, I woke up...
  24. Countmein - That'd be fine, or as PM. However, might be worth blocking out any info that can personally identify you (by which I mean any addresses, names, or reference numbers)
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