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  1. I'd refer that Turnbull letter to the OFT, Consumer Direct, and the Ombudsman Service. That's one exceptionally cheeky, presumptuous and threatening letter.
  2. Well done - best of luck, though I'd urge that you take a similarly hard line with the police who've assisted in this.
  3. Remember to record any dealings (a cameraphone would do the job). There's a 'Rossendales Bailiffs' clip on Youtube, and some recent press about several of their staff being caught out in criminality (one's just been jailed, and you can find info about that on previous threads here).
  4. That first letter - it says they've added an administration fee, right? That's grounds for filing a complaint with the OFT and Consumer Direct. DCAs are not entitled to add their own charges.
  5. Fair enough reason for not paying any fees - under those circumstances, I wouldn't either.
  6. Freezing of ebay account? Oh no - disaster! Easy enough to sign up for a new account if you absolutely need to have an account. And if you're inclined to pay ebay their fees, then pay ebay - ignore Newman and their 'administration fee'. You could send Newman the 'prove it' letter (it's in the Templates Library) and see what happens from there. Don't send the CCA letter, as Ebay's not covered by the CCA. You'll note their threats are all 'mays' and 'coulds'.
  7. Wait until they write to you. If they can't put it in writing, it's not worth hearing - unless you have the means for recording calls. If you do choose to correspond with them by phone, then the ONLY time you should do it is if you can record the call.
  8. If it were me, I'd be pressing for the bailiff to be charged, and also the police involved for assisting the bailiff. If you do decide to put in a complaint against the police, be prepared for the police to try and fob you off by claiming this is a civil matter. It's been said before that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it, and that applies to the police also.
  9. From what I understand so far, if it's found that the bailiff exceeded her 'powers', and the police assisted her with this, then at the least, a complaint against the police should be made as well. It sounds like a 'complicity in a crime' scenario on the part of the police, and I'd pursue that as far as I could go. The fact that this is Rossendales does not surprise me in the slightest - I'd have been mildly surprised if it wasn't.
  10. Lying Idiotic Malevolent A***holes 'Assassins' is a good one, and appropriate. I wonder how many suicides Atos has already caused, or will continue to cause?
  11. Four active posters? I didn't realise they had even that many.
  12. Hmm, looks like Iqor are back :- 01772557635 / 01772557635 calls 2/2 http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/08451460183/2#p86574071377643072
  13. They collect homes now, do they? I would have thought that doorsteps were troublesome to remove in themselves. Love the notice - but it is somewhat limited in its options of beverage, and no clause there allowing for the liquid to be forcefully thrown at the collector. Maybe a disclaimer at the bottom :- "Thank you for your time in completing this form, which is an essential requirement for security reasons, in order to reduce frivolous visits from vexatious and illegitimate companies."
  14. I suppose a list of contact email addresses for these companies could be useful as well, being that email does seem to be a method of communication on the increase for these companies. Not that I would ever do anything malicious or vindictive with these email address, like signing them up to bulk email services or anything like that.
  15. If you can't record your calls, don't call them - and don't acknowledge them if they call you. Deal with them in writing only - they'll tell you any old gutrot on the phone, but they're very limited in what they can tell you in writing because that method leaves an audit trail.
  16. Did you report HFO to the OFT and TS for that letter, since it's making direct threats, and not allusions to actions they 'may' take? HFO and TR do appear to be two of the more unpleasant DCAs - not that any of them are pleasant, of course.
  17. Meritforce do have doorstep collectors, but only in certain areas of the country - the whole of the UK isn't covered by them. As Meritforce were struggling to stay afloat at the time, they were bought out by MacKenzie Hall and amalgamated into MacKenzie Hall (which Meritforce are now part of). Best thing to do with them is completely ignore them - they'll go away eventually, and wouldn't go anywhere near a courtroom. All the 'legal action' talk is just bluster - they've never been known to go near a courtroom. Either way, even if a doorstep collector (these should not be confused with bailiffs) does come, you don't even have to speak to him. Even burglars have more rights than doorstep collectors. As for Lowells, well, you'll find plenty of previous threads about them, and apart from the staff there being seemingly equal in ignorance to the MH lot, they're also touchy about the 'importance' of what they do - whatever that is.
  18. Power2Contact. Haven't heard that name in a while. Anyway, for the OP's benefit, P2C (and some of their door-knockers) seem to labour under the misapprehension that they have automatic right to talk to you. They do not, and you can safely ignore anything they have to say.
  19. Ah, Cabot idiocy - the gift that just keeps on giving. John Cleese once said on American TV that even none of Monty Python's political satire clips were any more ridiculous or lampoonish than John McCain's presidential bid. That's why we've never seen a TV comedy about the DCA industry.
  20. This is scandalous. I'd also get an MP involved, and possibly local (or even national) press as well - absolutely unacceptable. Which Atos centre was this? Even for Atos and the DWP, this is bottom of the barrel.
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