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  1. What right do i have to ask for an appointment of my own choosing (as opposed to ATOS's supposed and arbitrary rules about only 2 weeks in advance). The medical is 'supposed' to be after 3 months on ESA. But what are the rules in respect of me, a client, ringing up and saying 'no, i want to be seen in september'?



    That may be Atos' policy -but you don't work for Atos. If it's not convenient for you, it's not convenient - end of.


    But there's no use worrying about it - you have to go at some stage. If you choose not to go, you WILL lose your benefits for sure.


    At least you're in with a small chance of keeping them if you do go.


    Like I said, try to record it (if you can find a way of doing it) or take a witness with you.


    I know you've said it isn't possible (as far as I know you've not said why it's not possible), but if you put the appointment a little further back, it may be give you a bit of time to think of something.

  2. I merely stuck to my guns and said it was not possible to do it before November (and it actually wasn't). I didn't give them an explicit reason why - I said it didn't matter to them why this was.


    I remember they said 'we'll keep the appointment as is, and you can change it nearer the time if you need to' - so that's what I did. And I did it again later on.

  3. I've looked at the point system; even a fair medical using that system I don't think will give me enough points. That's what I'm trying to say. I'm sure if I rang them back and asked to rearrange it till september they'd say no.



    Mine was originally booked for September last year, but I managed to put it back until November. last year.


    Just think of some brief excuse why you can't make the appointment slotted - you don't have to go into fine detail why you can't attend (it's not really their business why you can't).


    If nothng else, it gives you a little more time to formulate a plan of what to do.

  4. But I don't have the luxury of seeing other doctors. That's the point I'm trying to make. That's just how it is locally.


    However that's not an issue at the moment (won't be at least until september). The problem I have at the moment is dealing with attending this medical. I don't mind it per se, it's everything around it and given their inflexibility in dealing with patients (not customers, that is totally the wrong word) I don't seem to have much choice.



    I didn't particularly want to have to attend my medical - but I had to! . I knew how it was going to go (past experience), so that was why I recorded it second time round. You can also re-arrange the time and date of the medical (but give them some notice) if the time/date allotted isn't convenient.


    You may actually have a fair medical - it has been known to happen. At this stage, you don't know if you're going to get knocked back or not.


    But, if you don't go, then you WILL lose what benefits you're on. You can take a witness with you if you have no means of recording what goes on.


    If you find that the medical has been twisted or lies have been told about you, then appeal the decision and take it from there.

  5. In fact, while I remember, I was told the following, on the same day, by different M.H. Monkeys1. The Limitation Act 1980 didn't apply to them as they're in Scotland2. The 6 years starts from the date they finally contact you3. The Police have powers to remove your car if you don't pay4. They can add whatever charges they like to a debt



    All four of which are misleading, and if I were told any of those four, I'd instigate OFT complaints about each of them.

  6. Unfortunately, Trading Standards are very much a mixed bag depending on which office it is. Some are correct, some are mis-informed, some are lazy, and some are just not bothered at all (ie. Glasgow's).


    But no, it isn't your business to contact Egg directly. If a CCA request has gone to Capquest, then it is their business to contact Egg - and they know this perfectly well.


    How else are Capquest going to prove that they are acting as agents for Egg in enforcing 'the agreement' - if Capquest don't know what the content of that agreement is?

  7. Well, it is relevant if they refuse to write a note. Unfortunately there are no other doctors I can see. Our surgery merged with the nearest other a few yeas ago when the original doctors retired and coudln't get replacements. Sadly things aren't better for it as we get the short end of the stick with fewer doctors (who seem to either be on leave or at the wrong surgery venue - there are two). So if the local doctor's won't write a note, I'm not entirely sure who else will.



    My point is that if you feel that you can't cope, aren't well enough and you feel that you do need another note but he won't give you one, then consider seeing another doctor somewhere else.


    If you feel that your current doctor isn't giving you a fair crack of the whip, or if you feel that he's not interested in taking your problems seriously, it may be best to change doctors - a doctor that gives wrong advice or is lazy in attitude is nearly as hazardous to your health as the disease itself.


    Moreover though - why do you think he won't issue another note? If there has been no improvement in the condition you have, and he's peviously issued a sick note for the same thing, then he's duty-bound to write out another note.

  8. Due to the nature of the organisation at my local surgery i've seen pretty much everyone. They don't really like that.


    I appreciate what's being said, and I understand it, but I have to do what's right for me.



    What THEY like at your local surgery is irrelevant - it's YOUR welfare that takes priority. If you feel that the doctors there aren't taking your welfare seriously, then complain about it, or find another doctor to see.


    If it comes down to a fight between you and Atos, as furnitman2003 says, it can be therapeutic for you. That's the attitude I'm taking and I can't wait to take Atos on at tribunal.


    And if you do want to go down the appeal route, then you'll find plenty of people on these boards willing to help you out.

  9. No, you misunderstand. I've not asked him to write another yet. He won't want to write another one is what I'm saying.



    If you feel you need another one, and he won't write one, then see another doctor who will write one.

  10. That's a cheery link. Though not at all surprising. This is my point entirely; if people with leukemia are getting kicked off benefits, then someone withe anxiety issues (and we all know how those get regarded these days) has no chance.




    Atos are chancers - nothing more, nothing less. They hope people don't appeal, purely because they know most people don't have the energy to appeal - and this is particularly true of terminal cases.


    It's evil, it's shocking, it's immoral, it's discriminatory, and it's criminal - but that lack of accountability just about sums up the administration in the UK these days.


    I have had past anxiety and depression issues myself, so yes, I can understand where you're coming from - up to a point. I also learned that government pen-pushers can't dictate to me how I feel or how I should feel. That's because I know better than that and I'm worth more than they would have me believe - and so are you.


    Besides, you've not yet attended their 'medical', so it's best to go along and see what happens. You may get through - it depends on the 'doctor' who you see on the day.


    But you will very definitely lose out if you DON'T go.


    And if you lodge an appeal, then depending on evidence supplied by doctors or specialists, the decision may get reversed.

  11. Dear Miss ********,


    Council Tax:- ** **** *******



    I have received your request for information held by this department relating to your Council Tax account for the period 14 April 2009 to 2 July 2009. Unfortunately the Data Protection Officer responsible for Revenues and Benefits is on leave until Monday 19 July 2010. I will speak to him on Monday with regard to this matter and your request will then be processed.


    Yours sincerely


    Just recived that by email from the council dont really have time to wait till monday they are expecting payment in full by end of this month grrrr



    Hasn't this progressed to a criminal complaint against the bailiff in question? If that's still in progress, I'd be complaining to the council that there is an outstanding criminal complaint against them (the bailiff is working for them, after all).

  12. My note expires in September, I'd have been happy to have the claim end then so I can at least try and move forward. But the medical process puts an end to that as they won't let me have the appointment then. My doctor won't write another note, he doesn't feel (based on past experience) i will need one. Fair enough he's not happy to write notes, but the issues I have are of that nature. The big problem I have is that the system is black and white and I'm inbetween.



    He won't write another one yet, because your current one hasn't expired. It depends how you feel closer to the expiry date. He should be happy to write another one for you then, if he feels your case merits it.

  13. Hi all,I have been contacted by the above who I have never heard of.


    Is Meritforce doorstep collection agents a part of Mackenzie Hall Ltd? Yes. Mackenzie Hall took Meritforce over in 2007.


    Letter headed.


    Pursuers: Aktiv Kapital


    Original Creditor: GE Capital (First National Tricity Finance)


    This debt is well over 6 years old could be more. Then it's statute barred, and the statute barred letter from the Templates Library applies. Get into no discussion or mediation with them - there is nothing to discuss.


    AUTHORISED COLLECTOR VISIT. Authorised by who? Certainly not by yourself!


    The letter reads as follows:

    Due to non-payment of the above we have been instucted by Mackenzie Hall Ltd to collect this debt on their behalf.


    An authorised collector will make a visit to your property within the next 10 days. No he won't. 'Tort of trespass' also applies.


    Should our collector inform us that no positive commitment towards clearing the debt has taken place,your account will be returned to this office and formal proceedings may be considered. No he won't, because he'll never visit with your permission - put the account where you want, there is no longer any obligation for it to be paid - formal proceedings won't get past first base, because it's statute barred.


    If you do not want our collector to call and would rather arrange settlement,you must contact our clients Mackenzie Hall Ltd on xxxxxxxx asking for Robert Taylor before the 16th July. You could ignore them completely, which is another option you could take.


    Should you fail to make a payment and action is taken, additional costs may be added to your debt. No they won't.


    We look forward to hearing from you. Well, they're going to be disappointed.


    No more reminders will be sent. Pity.


    Any advice please,do I ignore or respond. I have never sent a CCA letter re this account.:mad:



    You could either ignore or respond.


    CCA letter first may be an idea, just to see what they come back with. However, do not sign your letter, but if you do, ensure your signature is changed sufficiently for you to identify if they try a cut-and-paste job on you. Just to annoy them, it may be worth doing this.


    However, knowing MH as well as I do, there is little to no chance a CCA request will be fulfilled, so if you want to save time, the statute barred letter may be a better bet - if you're absolutely sure there has been no written acknowledgement of debt, or payment in a six year period (5 years if you're in Scotland).



    Customer Testimonial from Dec.09 from their web site.


    Dear Mr Robertson


    I want to thank you deeply for the way you have responded to my plight over the last few months, whilst I have been trying to assist my boyfriend in paying off his past debts.

    As I have explained he has been suffering from severe mental health problems for some years and I have been trying to help him get back on his feet, which has its rewards but has also been highly demanding and challenging, particularly when he loses any grip on reality and becomes extremely uncooperative and self-destructive (and unwilling to 'do the sensible thing' financially or in any way!).


    You have been hugely supportive and understanding about our situation, a precious drop of humanity in what often feels like an an ocean of impersonality and jobsworthiness. Your calls have coincided with some of my worst days with XXXX, when paying off debts has seemed the least important and the most impossible task, yet every time you have responded with empathy, patience, flexibility and encouragement. Not only have you taken the worry from my shoulders with your calm problem-solving efficiency, but you have given me the strength and determination that I've needed to persevere.


    So thank you, for always going the extra mile - you do your job excellently, but most of all you do it with heart, dealing with people not debts.



    So, a person on the street is going to write a glowing thank-you testimonial littered with management-speak, such as 'problem-solving efficiency'?


    Then again, the spelling is tip-top, so it can't have been a Mackenzie Hall staff member who wrote that.


    I'd either say a consultancy firm wrote that on MH's behalf, or a MH staff member merely copied-and-pasted it from another site somewhere else.

  15. Well, that's why I claim ESA. But it won't matter since I won't get passed the medical. Even then there's no guarantee an appeal will find in my favour (which it won't) nor that it won't be resolved in a couple of weeks. So is there any point goign through a whole load of grief for nothing?


    I don't even mind actually having the medical per se. I mind being messed around, dragged around on buses I don't care to travel on into a grotty old town and being made to wait for an hour in a very rough environment. If they offered to do the medical at my local surgery that would be fine, but ATOS are not interested in accomadating people's needs or showing any degree of flexibility.


    My sick note ends in September, I won't get another and I don't understand the logic in just cutting off that period arbitrarily out of a sense of 'rules is rules'. I may speak to my MP about this, unfortunately he's a tory.



    How do you know you won't pass an appeal? Many appeals do pass, but it does also depend on what your medical problem actually is and the severity of it.


    If your case does go to appeal, getting GPs or specialists to write up on your behalf won't be a problem - their word I would argue carries more weight than the Atos 'doctor', simply in that the GP or specialist knows you personally, whereas the Atos monkey has only met you once and is totally in the dark as regards your medical history or background.


    Why don't you try listening to the below clip (there are two parts)? It might give you an idea of what to expect, and to formulate a plan of what to do about it.


    YouTube - ATOS Healthcare (aka - atoshealthcare) 1of2

  16. Thanks Andrew.

    The recent events that you speak of have already been the subject of much discussion and attempts were made pretty exhaustively to explain the situation and the circumstances-its not related nor can do any good to be dragging this up again.

    I can see that whatever I or other team members say,it will not change the thoughts or beliefs of some members.

    Thats up to them,and those points have been and continue to be listened to.

    Lowells touting for business,asking people to phone them,pay unenforceable accounts,etc,to my knowledge has not been sought.

    For the record (as has been asked) ...neither has the CAG made any financial deals or took anything in exchange.


    I have tried to alleviate some fears,and spell the truth.

    On that I wont be adding anything further-lets get back to what you are all here for-and let the site team do the same.






    The vote on allowing Lowell to post up here isn't going the way of Lowell.


    With all due respect, it's best to pull the plug on them.


    If CAG doesn't, then it threatens to lose much credbility, many regular users, and a lot of freely available sound advice - and no-one (apart from Lowell) wants to see that happen. People are already beginning to walk now.

  17. Exactly. If you don't go, you WILL be out of pocket. Do you have any GP letters or specialist letters that specifically state that you're unfit for work?


    Besides, if you appeal their decision, you'll continue to be paid as normal (at least, I am) until the tribunal - whereupon the tribunal may come down on your side, depending on what evidence is there.

  18. Absolutely. Lowells' only place on these boards is to be belittled and humiliated.


    Letting them have their say is one thing. Letting them tout for business or try to sucker people into contacting them is something else entirely, and it is not CAG's function to give such companies that opportunity.


    I came to this site because I found MSE to be overly judgemental and too 'friendly' to such companies. I don't want to see CAG go down that road.


    Would their clique-y little gaggle (Credit Today) tolerate intrusions by CAG members. No, they don't and they haven't in the past - so why should we?

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