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  1. Acenden have just put another £960 on my account in legal fees even though the court ruling has not been decided yet...T T T Still no Word from the FOS god these guys take forever....
  2. I am no expert but i would get the N244 FORM in as soon as the court opens tomoz, how come you have waited while the eviction date? sorry cannot be of further help as i would not wish to give you wrong advise... Dave
  3. The £5 fee for you having the decency to pay them is absurd too, these will have there comeuppance one day and once there terrible practices/ name gets in the media they will be finished.....esp when they have to pay £££££ back to there customers, did you know SPML are just about finished according to the commercial credit reference agency? they say they have appointed acenden to deal with there mortgage admin....lies.... its got the same directors!! and so was capstone... If you want a copy of there credit report including all there directors pm me... Good luck tomorrow....
  4. No its another one...who looked has though he been on the beer for a week and then just woke up after sleeping for 2 days, really looked very rough,,,
  5. Hi bs0lth, my case is very similar to yours, have a read, my case has been put on hold for 4 months to see what the fos say about charges and can they claim them as missed CMI, Not very nice people to deal with and i hope they get what they deserve shortly, they are infact misleading the courts by not been transparent of what is in arrears, i just feel sorry for the hundreds of people who just let there homes go to these lowlife because they have been dazzled by figure's and lies.... I hope you get some sort of result and you are in the best hands here..... dave
  6. No Ell he could hardly be bothered reading either sides statement to be honest Ell...
  7. Just been in touch with the FOS and they cannot find my complaint,,,,,oh dear...is there a template for writing to them or just send them a letter again...
  8. And it continues..... It has been adjourned for 4 months while we get a reaction of the FOS. The judge did not read anything as he was switched at the last minute, and said the offer of the cmi plus £50 seemed reasonable and is this ok with me, so i said no, if you could read my statements please...so he read them and asked their solicitor if it was made up off charges, and at last they admit some of it "may be" charges, so the judge said is this lawful?, and the solicitor said i would think so it will be in there terms and conditions... so at this point the judge was not happy and said pay your CMI ONLY and we will adjourn for 4 months and see what the FOS say....hmmm
  9. yeah sorry Ell, i had to work all over the weekend as we are short staffed, and im taking tomorrow off work..
  10. Hi Ell sorry been busy at work, 3 days @ £95 a day £15 each time travelling no response as yet from the FOS i have made 1 payment since the last hearing £365. 62 and is up to date..i have a printer
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