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  1. Many thanks for the info Ganymede, very helpful. I've really lost all faith in the so called justice system in the UK. It seems I completely wasted my time putting up what I thought was an overwhelmingly watertight defence to this claim. I thought I had convincingly refuted all the points in the claim and the claimant had broken the CCA law so many times and there was no evidence of there ever being a contract. The judge seemingly just ignored the facts and found in favour of the claimant anyway! I assume there is no point in applying to have the Summary Judgement set aside as a judge would ju
  2. All docs defence + interim charging order.zipCan someone please help urgently as I'm sick with worry and stress. I've started a new thread as things have moved on from my previous thread at: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?254690-AIB-Visa-Card-Applied-for-Summary-Judgement/page4? I also attach latest docs for info. I seem to have made a mess of things. The summary judgement was ridiculously found in favour of AIB despite what I thought was a watertight defence as AIB had absolutely no proof that I had ever taken out a cc with them and their solicitor admitti
  3. Can someone please help urgently as I'm sick with worry and stress. I'm not sure if I should start a new thread as things have moved on? I seem to have made a mess of things. The summary judgement was ridiculously found in favour of AIB despite what I thought was a watertight defence as AIB had absolutely no proof that I had ever taken out a cc with them and their solicitor admitting as much! I was so shocked by this judgement that I have written to the court twice to check what went on as I can only think that due to some administrative error my defence was not presented to the judge!
  4. Thanks gh but I'd really like to get this sorted out now, if possible. From the comments I received when I first started this thread it seemed an open and shut case and AIB didn't have a leg to stand on? Is there any way I can contact GezWee as he gave the impression he was going to draft up a defence for me but has been silent for a few weeks? Failing that I'll have to make time to research the threads and draft up my own defence for comment! Mark.
  5. Thanks gh2008 & M2ae. I'm afraid I'm not in the right frame of mind to research this thoroughly at present. A close family member had a dreadful fall some weeks back, was in a coma and has now passed away. I'm having to comes to term with this and arrange a funeral etc. I was really looking for someone to give me any links to similar cases that I can use to draft a defence. There doesn't seem to be a search facility on the site to check for cases dealing with the specific parts of the CCA applicable to my case; I will have trouble finding the time to wade through the 100's of threads
  6. Thanks for your advice. I'm really getting worried now as I need to draft my defence and I haven't a clue where to start! Can anyone send me any links to previous cases I should look at in order to prepare something, please? Caggers gave me the impression they would help draft my defence but I'm beginning to think I've been left on my own and I don't know what I should do or where to turn to! Can anyone throw me a lifeline, please? Mark.
  7. Hi Guys, hope all is well. I have to say I'm getting a little concerned that I've not heard from anyone for over a month. I know my hearing is not till 24th June but I would really appreciate it if someone could just let me know that they are able to advise on my defence, please....Mark.
  8. Dear Gez and all, I hope someone is able to give me advice on this, please? Best regards, Mark.
  9. Many thanks to everyone for all the help and info. AIB's sols have finally sent the attachments to the app for summary judgement and I attach what I feel are the relevant ones. Please let me know if you would like to see any of the others. I would be very grateful if anyone could give me advice on my defence, please. I asked for a second time for a copy of the CCA under CPR 31.14 and the sols have replied that they do not think it is necessary for them to comply with this request! I can put up copies of the sols recent ltrs if of interest. I find them so arrogant and obnoxious as they try
  10. Thanks Gez and all. Gez, the hearing is not till 24 June, so plenty of time to prepare a defence, I hope? I'll send the letter you suggested by recorded delivery tomorrow. Excuse my ignorance but I know very little about parts 16, 18, 31 & 32, but I assume they are to ask the claimant for copies of docs they are to use against me? Could someone point me in the right direction re templates to use and what to ask for, please? Many thanks, Mark.
  11. Hi Gez, I can't thank you enough (and all others) for your help, what a fantastic forum this is! I'll definitely be making a donation as this site is a godsend. I spoke to the court at 2pm today and a Miss Dallas confirmed that the exhibits had not been filed to date. So I'll write to the sols as you suggest but first I'll wait till the end of today to see if there are any other comments re your letter?
  12. "Unfortunately, your defence was not the best and not best articulated to seriously put the boot in - but it did have several key points they have not adequately addressed, other than by waffle and obfuscation.." Many thanks DonkeyB. I take your point about my defence but it was based on the advice given to me on this forum at that time!!! In fact it seemed highly effective with Bcard, with the same defence their solicitor wrote to me confirming they were not pursuing their claim against me. I shall now try to get all the attachments that were supposed to be with the App for Summary
  13. Markrob, can you post a copy of the generic application and alleged default notice they sent you copies of, also need to see the original POC pre SJ W/statement. In addition, was there any sign or mention of termination, may have skipped through it but I can't see anywhere that its states one was served prior to filing claim? Wow, thanks to everyone for their interest and help. The documents referred to in the App for Summary Judgement were not actually attached so I don't think I have anything else to show. Should I ask the solicitor or court to provide these attachments? I also did
  14. Dear Gez and all, I'm sorry not to revert sooner but I've had a family crisis to attend to. I attach the application for Summary Judgement and would be very grateful for anyone's advice as to how I should proceed. The last payment on the account was about 18 months ago. Of course what AIB has said in the application is all nonsense or downright lies. I did make a S.31 request (I have a copy of my letter), I did send payment (a postal order) with my unsigned letter for a copy of my CC agreement and I definitely didn't receive a default notice. Thank you to anyone who can offer help.
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