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  1. Thanks Curlyben for your reply - that's what I thought... though if I'd never found this forum I would be none the wiser about CCA's etc, so thanks once again.... BC's 12+2 days runs out on the 31st so I shall enjoy sending them the letter to say the account is in dispute SallyB
  2. Hi again - Please would someone be able to give me their opinion on the CCA's above:confused: ? Any help would be great. SB
  3. and the mastcard one.... (not sure how to post a link, only an image)!!
  4. Hi - I'm new here so any help would be great. In short my BF has been on long term sick and his pay has now been reduced and he is struggling to pay his creditors. All of them have accepted reduced payments except Barclaycard who to be honest just ignore every single letter that they are sent. So, after reading through some of the threads on this site he asked them for copies of his CCA's. They have now sent some things through and I'd like to know if they are enforceable or not? I think the Mastercard one may be in that it has prescribed terms and conditions on the same page, but t
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