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  1. Thank you Ethel and Slick, much appreciated. Looking for work but nothing yet.
  2. What are the legal issues regarding someone working whilst being furloughed? I am a supply teacher and the agency has furloughed me, however the pay is so low I am unable to pay my bills. I am also not entitled to universal credit because it is more than I will get on universal credit. i was already struggling before the pandemic and now my situation is dire. So I am trying to find employment during this time in hope of making getting extra cash. If I am able to find work with another employer, during the periods I am furloughed with the agency would I be required to pay back the furlough payments?
  3. I am currently working as supply teacher and couldn't go to court to defend it; if I take time off I will not be paid (paid daily). i had already admitted that I owe the money, so i didn't really think that they will accept my defence and also everything happened so quick. i need advice as to what to do next as they are seeking further legal action and they have written to the building society, my mortgage lender, who have written to me saying that I need to pay it as the council can force me to sell.
  4. I am a lease holder and the payment is for a sinking fund which is for repairs/renovation that the council will or might carry out on the property. The full amount is £17000 but paid annual instalments of £1000+. I have been making regular payments until I lost my job. I am now on a very low income and have other debts, including mortgage arrears, credit cards, that I am trying to pay for not to mention utility bills etc. Before the council applied for the ccj I made an offer of £25 but it was rejected. I then recd a ccj asking me to pay the full amount including court costs. I applied for varying the order and it was granted that I can pay the amount I initially offered the council. Well, I cannot pay it at the moment, even the £25 is difficult but cutting back on food, I'm hoping to put the money towards paying the order. Until I became unemployed, I have always paid all my bills and was never in any debt. I thought the council will take that into account. But no! what can I do now that they will be taking further legal action.
  5. I recd a ccj and applied to the court to vary the order the court has said that I can pay the amount I offered on a monthly basis but the claimant i.e. Hanringey council say they would not accept this. They have written to my mortgage lender that they would take legal action. Can they still do this despite the court saying I can pay monthly.
  6. I have just been dismissed from work. They have said it is based on gross misconduct, though someone told me that if it is with notice it cannot be gross misconduct, as this will be immediate dismissal i.e. without notice, is this correct? I was suspended, investigation, disciplinary meeting, appeal . Failed the appeal and was dismissed on 2months notice. I am currently completing a early reconciliation form as a would like to take my employer to tribunal. Don't want money just want the accusation of gross misconduct remove from my name. I am now looking for a new job how can I tell them my I go for interviews about my dismissal.
  7. I'm also over 50 and I've just become unemployed within the last 6months, been teaching. In order not to get into a rut I am trying to get into volunteering but finding it quite difficult. There was a time when you could just volunteer but now you have to complete s many forms and even then it is still not easy getting one. Any advice will be welcome.
  8. Thank you for your quick response. The property is not in my name as the sale has not yet been completed. What can I do to get the repair done by the council?
  9. I am currently in the process of buying my council flat. I am still paying rent to London Borough of Haringey. Recently, I contacted them about a repair that needs to be carried out in the flat and I was told that because I am in the process of buying the flat all repairs are now my responsibility even though I am still paying rent. The particular repair is a leaking cistern. On 31st May, a technician from Thames Water came to check the meter which was constantly running (though I was not aware of this until Thames water contacted me), as a result of the leak from the cistern into the toilet. According to the technician, the responsibility for this lies with Homes for Haringey as the property is still under them and not yet in my name. The property is not in my name and I am still paying rent to Homes for Haringey. I therefore do not agree that this repair should be my responsibility. Who is right? I am still paying them rent. What can I do about getting the repair done?
  10. Hi all, I first entered a thread on my debt issue with Arrow Global back in 2008. To cut a long story short, my debt was passed to this agency by cetelem. Not because I refused to pay but because I was unemployed and asked for reduced monthly payment. It was declined and they passed it on to a collection agency. I made regular payment. Then I rang them one day to find out the balance only to find that the payments I had made had not reduced the debt. I asked why and they said they were charging interest which they had said they would not charge. When I requested the rate in writing they refused. I asked for a cca as advised when I first made the entry on this site. I heard nothing, though they cashed my £1 cheque. I made the request again, to no avail. the debt was entered into my credit report. Last year I noticed that this had been removed as it had been there for more than 6 years. I heard nothing concerning the debt, from Arrow Global, for many years nor from anyone else until today when I received a letter saying that my account will now be managed by 'Vanquis Bank Limited' according to them they are now 'managing my account on behalf of Arrow Global Ltd', (thought the letter heading says, ' Arrow Global'). They claim that the debt type was a 'store card', which it's not. I bought a laptop and was given a loan. Also, when I last spoke to Arrow Global, they said the debt was £700 but now in this letter it's said to be £563.10. It says the balance is still owed and they will be in touch shortly with details of payment. My question is, if the debt has been removed from my credit report because it has expired, can this new company renew it, reinstate it on my report. If so, is there any legal action I can take to stop this. Do I still have to pay the debt, if so, do I have to pay it all at once. I can't afford this. I am most worried. Your advice would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Hi Thanks again for your reply. Pls forgive my ignorance but I am unsure as to what it means. R u saying that they can not take me to court whilst the debt is in dispute or that if they do I would not have to pay the charges?
  12. Hi Huff/Puff I am very grateful for your prompt reply. Is there anything I should do with regard to this debt? Should I send another request for cca? As I am very worried about this debt especially as it's increasing. Where do I currently stand. What can/should I do with regard to them taking court action, though they have not yet said they would do this. Also how does it affect my credit rating in particular if I want to get a mortgage? Thanks again
  13. Hi All I am also having problem with Trimph. I requested a cca back in october 2008. This was the second request after they did not comply with my first request. I received a post from them today, since my request back in october 2008, in the form of 2 documents, a statement of account (the first ever) and a notice of arrears but no cca. My debt has now soared from 500+ to £1,031.75. They have been charging me interest at a rate of 26.400 per annum. When I first requested this information back in 2007 they initially told me that they do not give out such information. Hence, my reason for requesting a cca. As this debt is now mounting I would appreaciate some advice as to what action I should take. I have already contacted the Financial Ombusdman who will be sending me a complaints form. But they said that I would still need to pay the debt. It's not that I do not wish to pay this debt but I think the interest is extortionate.Especially when they initially told me, when the debt was first passed to them, that they would not charge me interest. I have also learnt that even if they do not send me the cca they can still take me to court and I would have to pay all charges incurred. Is this so? Please advice.
  14. Thanks for the letter, very helpful. Since they have not send me a cca as requested should I make another request for a cca. Any advice will be welcome
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