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  1. has anybody done this? i successfully received money back from HSBC for the last 6 years worth of charges, but they are still charging me £25 every day i go over my o'draft limit... does ayone know if i can claim back charges a 2nd time? Thanks for your time
  2. to those who have been offered their charges back....... how long did it take HSBC to actually return the money to you once you signed the letter of agreement and posted it to them? and how did they send it to you? i posted my signed letter on Monday 19th June and still ahven't had anything back. Thanks
  3. i will make sure that i make a donation to the site once my money comes thru... after all i couldn't of done it without your help. Thanks again....
  4. I am gonna take the money and run like billy-o..... its only 150 short of my originaly claim and am thrilled! Thanks to everyone for your help and Good Luck to those who are just starting their claims now. p.s. does anyone know how i can put my details on the survey? thanks...
  5. i've received a letter from the bank today saying that they will pay me 1380 of my 1585 claim..... are you allowed to claim the 8% interest on these charges as well? or is this only when/ if it goes to Court?
  6. What reason do you give to the new bank for opening a current account with them? Surely if they get wind that i am trying to claim back charges from my current back they will decline my request to open an account with them? p.s. is now day 10 and am still waiting for any correspondence from my Prelim Request for Charges Letter - don't they know its churning me up?!?!? (why is there no smiley for "stressed"!! lol!)
  7. thanks - everyone is so helpful
  8. Hi... can anyone please help me with the Timetable guide - what i should be expecting and when? I've looked thru the forums and can't seem to find i. Thanks
  9. hi...i sent mine to the same address but haven't received anythign yet (ws only posted on Monday tho). Will let you know if/ when i hear anything back.
  10. Is it vitally important for me to open another bank account just in case the worst happens and HSBC shuts me down? Am concerned that my credit rating will stop me from being able to open another a/c. Thanks.
  11. Hi.. just thought i'd add my 10p... sent my letter requesting almost £2k in charges an interest on Monday and am just sitting patiently (altho its practically killing me) I will post once i hear from the bank... but if i'm honest, as much as this site has been an absolute saviour, i'm a bit scared of the whole thing. I'm determined to get my money back but i can feel my steely resolution wavering already! Somebody boost my confidence, please! Good luck everyone who is taking the HSBC.....
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