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  1. Ok thanks for the heads up should I send them as well as confirming my adress the template letter explaining the debt is statu barred Or something else maybe not recognising there company as I have no contract with them ! They are a third party interloper etc ! Many thanks !!
  2. No the the CO was on our property we had in Stevenage We moved to Devon in 2009 into a rental property and we rented out our stevenage property though an agency until we sold it In 2018, when we then bought our home Devon with proceeds from the stevenage property !!
  3. As far as I remember it was Originally from an old business account with HSBC at the time probably about 2007 it was from an overdraft that the bank decided to with no notice remove the facility from me ! I was not over the limit of the overdraft at the time ! The removal of the facility caused me to have problems with cash flow and interm had to close the business ! I had numerous other debts due to this action and complained at the time obviously that’s where it started ! I moved to Devon in 2009 we were in the same Address for 5 years till 2014 then mov
  4. Yes that is correct I’ve had no contact with anyone since 2009 when we moved ! ive looked up Drydensfaifax and it seems they are just a debt collection firm as you say they probably just bought the debt and now just trying it on ! to get me to Admit liability of the debt ! Should I just send them the statue barred letter ?
  5. There’s no ccj on my credit file an the restriction can’t we transferred to the property we bought when we sold the old property even my solicitor had to agree with me that the restriction is dissolved when the old property was transferred to the new owners !
  6. I’m sure there are no active ccj as we rented out the property since 2009 when we moved to Devon and then sold it 2 and half yrs ago !!
  7. Hi could someone point me in the rite direction for a template to reply to third party trying to gain joinder by trying to get me to admit liability to an old account !! The scenario is this on my old property we sold 2 and a half years ago there were 2 companies that had apparently final charging orders on the property ! This is a common practice in the industry to make you think they have such a charge ! It turns out that I done my homework and discovered that they infact only held a restriction which is a totally different thing ! They try an make you
  8. Is there any chance someone could pass on a few pointers for me i would be most grateful ! Ive had a look at a few similar posts and sort get the jist of the CPR 31.14 i think but still need help !
  9. Hi can anyone advice Ive just received a county court claim form ( Northampton) Regarding a Lloyds tsb cc ! I first sent a CCA request on 27th of may 08 to BLS ! But they have never replyed and have totaly ignored my request. They have sent several letters requesting payment but no response regading the CCA, it was sent Registered and with the £1 postal order as advised. It is now in the hands of SECHIARI CLARK & MITCHELL ! I would be grateful if someone could advise me how to progress with this situation regarding Court form/ defense etc Many Thanks
  10. Hi all Had a few exchanges with Newmans over a cc from Amex ! They sent an Application 3 times eventually i think they got the point i was making over it not being exceptable as an original agreement. Heard nothing for a couple of weeks then started getting calls an txt's from AIC then a letter. I thought they wern't allowed to pass the account on to another DCA while the account was in dispute. Could someone help me out with a letter template to send to AIC to explain this as i cant seem to find one on the site. Cheers Many Thanks
  11. Yes as i remember i think i did get a free sports bag ! So does that mean the general opinion of you all that its unenforceable as they keep sending the the same thing ! wot do i do next ! as i presumed this and sent another letter to the affect explaining about not conforming to the pescribed terms ect but they dont get it !
  12. No i took out the personel details name adress ect !plus had a figure transfered from another card when i took it out had my signiture but not signed by anyone from the cc company also had !
  13. Hi ive requested cca etc from Newmans regarding an Amex cc they have returned what seems to be an application they have placed a bar code over where it says 60 second Application Lol ! could some tell me if its enforceable or not ? Many Thanks http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e303/wozawr1/cca1.jpg
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